Drunk driving charges brought against Florida police officer

Drinking and driving can have negative consequences; for example, it can contribute to an accident that results in severe injury or a fatality. In addition, it can negatively impact a person’s criminal record if he or she is found guilty of DUI charge. Local residents of a community may immediately paint a negative picture of a person who has been accused of drunk driving, especially if that person is a trusted official. However, the criminal justice system in Florida presumes this person to be innocent until and unless his or her guilt is proved in a court of law.

In a recent case, a 30-year-old police officer in Florida was arrested on a drunk driving charge. The incident occurred when a driver noticed that an SUV remained at an intersection during two traffic lights. The driver contacted law enforcement. When police approached the vehicle, the off-duty police officer who was reportedly driving the SUV apparently had an open container of alcohol in the front seat.

Reportedly, the man was unable to stand on his own and did not want to take a sobriety test. He was allegedly combative and was taken to an emergency room because he was so inebriated, police said. He faced charges of DUI and criminal mischief.

Prosecutors in Florida must prove drunk driving charges beyond a reasonable doubt. If this fails to happen, a criminal conviction cannot be secured. The criminal defense might choose to consider a plea agreement in this type of situation as well, depending upon the weight of the evidence. Major consequences may accompany a finding of guilt, including the loss of a license for a certain length of time or even a fine — and this man could also experience repercussions regarding his employment. The criminal defense in such a case will likely be careful to review the evidence that the prosecutors intend to furnish in an effort to support the DUI and criminal mischief accusations brought against the man.

Source: mynews13.com, Orlando police officer arrested for DUI in Oviedo, Jeff Allen, Jan. 22, 2014