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College provides a space for young people to grow and develop both socially and intellectually. Often, college students live away from their parents and take on new responsibility for themselves and their daily activities.

With this enhanced responsibility can come missteps and conflicts, which can in turn lead to legal consequences. If you or your child are a college student facing university discipline or legal action, a Dr. Phillips college student defense lawyer could guide you through the process and defend your rights. Even if the action involves a code violation, a defense attorney provides reliable advice.

Common Legal Issues for College Students

College students experience new freedoms and responsibilities as young adults entering the world. On campus, they interact with thousands of other students, faculty and staff, and the outside community. They also participate in student life activities, such as Greek life, athletics, performing arts, and identity groups.

As a result of this vast and varied set of experiences, college students can come face to face with the following issues:

These issues can result from conflicts with peers, struggles with well-being, and the influence of drugs, among other causes. Sometimes students have not yet developed the wisdom and decision-making skills to think through their actions and the consequences of those actions. A Dr. Phillips attorney could act as a mentor and advocate for the student when facing charges or disciplinary action, with the goal of helping them get back on track academically and socially.

Understanding Consequences for College Students

When a college student gets into trouble, they can face two different scenarios. The college can bring a disciplinary action, or law enforcement could get involved, either through a criminal charge or through a civil suit from another individual. An attorney with experience working with college students can help in both scenarios.

A disciplinary action comes with the institution’s own procedural process and rules around evidence, testimony, and resolution. The consequences are also specific to the college environment, such as suspension or expulsion of the student.

Legal action, on the other hand, can result in criminal charges or civil judgments against a student. Jail time, probation, and monetary penalties can all result from a criminal prosecution or a civil lawsuit.

These consequences can affect college students more than average adults because students are still developing into their adult selves. They also start looking for careers beyond the classroom while in college, and a past legal or disciplinary action can reflect negatively on them and limit their prospects for years to come. Working with a student defense lawyer in Dr. Phillips early in the process can help avoid or lessen these consequences.

Talk to a Dr. Phillips Student Defense Attorney for Legal Assistance

If you are a student suspected of breaking the law or your college’s code of conduct, you might not have been in trouble before or know how to handle the situation. Alternatively, when your child is a student facing such an issue, you might not know how to support and defend them.

A Dr. Phillips college student defense lawyer advises you on how to best defend yourself or your child, from the beginning of an investigation to a disciplinary decision, or in court. Call as soon as possible for a free consultation and see how The Umansky Law Firm protects your future.

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