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A substantial number of arrests for sexual misconduct happen in suburban areas like Dr. Phillips, often targeting people with families, promising careers, and a lot else to lose from even an allegation of this nature. On top of that, many offenses categorized as “sex crimes” in Florida are prosecuted as felony offenses, meaning even a first-time offender could face prison time, thousands of dollars in fines, and the permanent loss of various civil privileges if they are convicted.

Just like anyone else accused of any other criminal act, you have a right to defend yourself from allegations of sex crimes by seeking help from experienced defense attorney. Working with a Dr. Phillips sex crimes lawyer could make a world of difference in the outcome your case ultimately has, and what effects your legal proceedings have on your life.

Common Sex Crime Charges

Sex crimes defined in the Florida Statutes can be broadly categorized into “forcible” and “non-forcible” offenses, although there is some crossover between these two categories for certain types of offenses. For instance, someone who engages in sexual contact or intercourse with someone under the age of 18 could still be prosecuted for felony sexual battery under Florida Statutes §794.011 or felony “unlawful sexual activity with certain minors” under FL Stat. §794.05 regardless of whether they used or threatened force during the contact or intercourse. This is because minors legally cannot consent to sexual activity with adults in the state under any circumstances.

That said, non-forcible sexual offenses tend to be punished less severely in comparison to forcible offenses. For instance, FL Stat. §800.03 defines “exposure of sexual organs”—in other words, indecent exposure—as a first-degree misdemeanor, and both prostitution and solicitation of a prostitute are generally treated as misdemeanors under FL Stat. §796.07.

As a Dr. Phillips sex crimes defense attorney can further explain, repeat offenders are subject to increasingly harsh sanctions for subsequent convictions, to the point that they may have a misdemeanor charge upgraded to a felony under certain circumstances.

How to Effectively Contest Sex Crime Allegations

While there is no one-size-fits-all way to effectively handle an accusation of a sex offense in Dr. Phillips, it is always crucial to retain private legal representation as soon as possible when an allegation is formally made. This is because sex crime cases revolve around testimonial and circumstantial evidence to a more significant degree than most other criminal cases. In other words, they are often “he said, she said” situations that can turn sharply in favor of one party or the other from even a small misstatement or an answer to a leading question.

With this in mind, it is vital for prospective defendants to stay calm and let legal counsel take the lead when dealing with accusations of this nature. They must also refrain from talking about the case with anyone else or getting in contact with the person allegedly targeted by their actions.

A sex crimes lawyer in Dr. Phillips could help structure a defense strategy in a way that preserves the defendant’s rights while also ensuring they do not accidently harm their own case.

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Regardless of its nature, any accusation that you engaged in unlawful sexual behavior is an extremely serious matter that could quickly change the course of your life. In a situation like this, you should think twice before trying to represent yourself in court or depend on an overworked public defender to get you the best possible resolution to your case.

Fortunately, you have assistance available from an experienced and dependable Dr. Phillips sex crimes lawyer. Call today for a confidential consultation with our experienced law firm.

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