What is prostitution?

What is prostitution?

Sex crimes are subdivided into numerous categories, including prostitution. Here in Florida, readers are familiar with the term prostitution since it refers to people hired to engage in sexual activities. Readers need to understand that prostitution is a serious offense. To better understand prostitution, it is important to read and understand all of the Florida Statutes regarding prostitution.

Generally, prostitution is defined as a sexual activity between two persons, using money as a medium. A person can be charged with prostitution by providing a venue for any alleged sexual activity. The person can also be charged with prostitution through solicitation or through direct involvement. The person who buys the service of a prostitute can also be charged with this offense.

Another way to get charged with prostitution is by videotaping the sexual activity. It is important to note that statues define sexual activity as any form of sexual penetration, as well as handling a person’s sex organ for masturbation.

People who have been charged with prostitution for the first time are likely to face misdemeanor offenses. Subsequent offenses lead to more serious charges including felonies. It is important to understand that misdemeanor offenses carry less serious penalties compared with felony offenses. Still, it is important to take both cases seriously since being convicted of such offenses can leave a permanent criminal record.

Once charges have been pressed, it is imperative for accused individuals to know their rights and deal with their cases. It is important to remain calm while being interrogated by police in order to avoid giving information that can be used as evidence against them at trial.

Accused individuals should start building their defense after they have been formally charged with any sex crime offenses. They may seek legal advice from criminal defense attorneys who can help them build a solid defense.

Source: The 2014 Florida Statutes, “796.07 Prohibiting prostitution and related acts,” Accessed on Jan. 15, 2015

What is prostitution?