Renting Out a Place To Gamble In Florida

Renting Out a Place To Gamble In Florida

Renting Out a Place To Gamble In Florida

Renting out a room or venue for a friendly poker game or a Casino-themed fundraiser might seem like a creative way to have fun. However, it can turn into a negative situation rather quickly. In Florida, Renting Out a Place To Gamble is against the law and a punishable offense. If you or a friend are facing charges for renting out a place to gamble, it’s important to understand the law and the penalties you’ll face if you’re found guilty. 

Fortunately in Orlando, there are knowledgeable attorneys eager to assist individuals who have been charged with Renting Out a Place To Gamble—the lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm. With a firm understanding of the criminal process, they can help you understand the process and give you the opportunity to continue living the life you had before you faced criminal charges.

Who Can Rent a Place To Gamble In Florida?

Gambling laws in Florida clearly outline that it’s illegal to participate in any wager for money. There are very few exceptions to the rules that prohibit gambling. Florida Statute 849.03 defines the law regarding Renting a Place To Gamble as:

Renting house for gambling purposes.—Whoever, whether as owner or agent, knowingly rents to another a house, room, booth, tent, shelter or place for the purpose of gaming shall be punished as a Felony in the Third Degree.”

The only exception to the laws against renting out a place to gamble is when a non-profit organization rents out a hall or other venue to host a BINGO fundraiser. Anyone who engages in gambling activities in the state of Florida should be aware of the laws against gambling, renting out a place to gamble, or hosting gambling to prevent facing life-changing charges.

Penalties For Renting Out A Place To Gamble

Renting Out A Place To Gamble in Florida is considered a Third-Degree Felony—a very serious offense. The consequences convicted offenders face for Renting Out A Place To Gamble Include:

  • Up to 5 years in prison
  • Up to 5 years probation
  • Up to $5,000 in fines

The particular penalties people face depend on the circumstances surrounding the crime. It’s important to know, however, that anyone involved in Renting Out A Place To Gamble can be charged with the offense, and not just the person who owns the property. Employees and other involved friends or family members commonly face charges as well. 

Proven Defense Strategies For Renting Out  A Place To Gamble

A good defense attorney who has experience with gambling cases will have the knowledge to develop a viable defense for people charged with Renting Out A Place To Gamble. Although a specific defense can be based upon the event in question, the most common defenses for these charges include:

  • No knowledge of gambling happening on the premises
  • Illegal activities prohibited in the lease
  • The event only happened once

When searching for an attorney to defend you against your gambling charges, it’s important to ask about the most commonly used defense strategies and how they can be customized to fit your situation. A good defense attorney will take the time to sit down and understand your case before defending you in court.

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Renting Out a Place To Gamble In Florida