Preventing Auto Theft During the Holidays in Orlando, Florida

Preventing Auto Theft During the Holidays in Orlando, Florida

Preventing Auto Theft During the Holidays in Orlando, Florida

It’s wonderful to have the ability to buy gifts for loved ones. We all get a special feeling when we shop to bring joy to those we love in our lives. Unfortunately, storing those gifts in the car can sometimes put cars at higher risks of car theft. While the holiday season should be about making joyful memories, the risks of car thefts mean some attention needs to be on protecting your car.

5 Tips to Help Prevent Auto Theft During the Holidays

The holidays tend to be a busy season, from last-minute shopping to accommodating visiting family. It’s easy to forget the little things while we’re rushing to get things done. However, being careless during the holiday season can put yourself and your cars at risk. Here are some ways to help protect your car from being broken into this holiday season.

Lock up Manually

While high-tech key fobs are convenient, they may not always work the way we want them to. If the car door doesn’t lock properly, it’s an open door for thefts keeping an eye out in the parking lot. The best way to ensure everything is appropriately locked is to do it manually. It may take an extra second, but that second can make a difference.

Be Smart When Parking

Parking in brightly lit areas with other vehicles and plenty of people walking around is the best parking strategy to take. The more people walking around and the lighter, the less likely thieves will approach your car.

Hide Valuables

It may seem evident that valuables shouldn’t be in plain view while people are rushing. It can be easy to throw things in the back seat and move on to the next thing. Unfortunately, placing things in the back seat leaves them in plain view. Electronics like phone charges and GPS devices shouldn’t be left out in the open either. Remove them from the open view and put them in the glove compartment and all bags in the trunk.

Re-Park Your Car

Potential thieves can sometimes watch parking lots looking for people dropping off purchases and then heading back inside. It takes only a few minutes to break into cars. It may be tasking to have to re-park your car, but that extra precaution can help move your car from the eyes of a thieve.

Be Vigilant

Avoid any distractions, focus on your surroundings, and quickly secure your purchases when walking to the car. Having your car key ready when walking helps ensure your belongings and yourself are inside the car quickly. Immediately lock the doors and drive away. Hanging around in the parking lot can make you a potential target, especially if you didn’t park in a well-lit and populated area.

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Preventing Auto Theft During the Holidays in Orlando, Florida