Legislation would limit drone use by those convicted of sex crimes

Legislation would limit drone use by those convicted of sex crimes

The current gadget of choice for people of all ages is not a phone, a video game system or any sort of electronic device. Rather, it’s a drone, meaning those remote-controlled flying devices powered by several propellers that can fly to great heights, hover and turn on a dime. Indeed, many of these drones are equipped with high-definition cameras that enable users to take stunning photos from many different angles and distances.

Interestingly enough, one state lawmaker has now introduced a measure calling for restrictions on the use of drones by those convicted of sex crimes.

Sen. Dorothy Hukill (R-Port Orange) has introduced Senate Bill 510, which, if passed, would prohibit convicted sexual predators from using drone technology to capture images of places in which minors frequently gather and from which they are otherwise banned from physically entering such as schools, parks and playgrounds.

It’s important to understand that there is a distinction under Florida law between those designated as sexual offenders and those designated as sexual predators, with the latter covering those who have been convicted of a sexually violent offense and whose predatory status has been outlined in a written court order.

However, both are subject to rather stringent reporting requirements upon release from prison, including regular registration with local law enforcement covering everything from home and work addresses to email addresses and other Internet identifiers.

It remains unclear whether SB 510 will gain the necessary traction in Tallahassee and the extent to which this drone use has actually emerged as a problem here in the Sunshine State.

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If you are under investigation for any sort of sex crime or have already been charged, it’s imperative to consider speaking with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible to help ensure the protection of your rights, your reputation and your freedom.

Legislation would limit drone use by those convicted of sex crimes