Is Vaping Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida?

Is Vaping Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida?

Is Vaping Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida?

The complicated subject of Florida’s medical marijuana laws continues to plague its public. In 2016, voters approved amending the state constitution to allow medical marijuana use. This law outlined specific requirements for individuals seeking low-THC cannabis prescriptions for qualifying conditions. In addition to only being able to receive a medical cannabis card from a doctor for specific health problems, one cannot merely smoke the drug. The new amendment goes out of its way to exclude the smoking of marijuana for medical reasons and leave many wondering how they are supposed to ingest the drug.

Difference Between Vaping Medical Marijuana and Smoking

Because the Florida amendment has also legalized smoking medically-prescribed marijuana, medicinal users have to decide which method is best for their needs and weigh the associated risks of each.

It’s important to understand the differences and risks of ingesting marijuana through smoking or vaping. When vaping, the user employs an electronic vaporizer that is designed to heat a liquid form of the drug. This produces a low-temperature vapor and higher concentration of THC while not creating any harmful residue.

Smoking marijuana has many of the same dangers as cigarettes. One directly burns the dried marijuana plant material with a lighter and inhales the smoke directly into the lungs. This method exposes the user to numerous toxic compounds used to create the drug. On top of this, smoking is illegal and can land you in jail.

These associated health risks with cigarette style smoking of marijuana have made many turn to vaping as the safer alternative for ingesting prescribed THC products. The use of vaporizers has become popular among illegal cannabis users, as well, including middle and high school students. Polls conducted by the University of Michigan reported their findings in December of 2018 that 1 in 11 students have had experiences vaping marijuana. Ease of access and concealment have made vaporizers popular among teenagers in recent years, leaving many parents and state officials with desires for more regulation of such products.

Orlando Attorneys Who Understand Florida Marijuana Laws

With current medical marijuana laws working through the court systems, the future of recreational use of marijuana in Florida is uncertain. Medicinal use has boomed over the last two years with the current program having over 20,000 registered patients. The current governor of the Sunshine State appears willing to sign legislation allowing recreational use after the large vote of support from state residents for medical marijuana in 2016.

Until a decision has been reached on recreational use, it is essential to use caution when using marijuana. If you don’t have a qualifying condition and a medical cannabis card, law enforcement may bring drug charges against you. AVVO recognizes The Umansky Law Firm as an AVVO Clients’ Choice which means our reputation and dedication to protecting the rights of our clients to secure favorable outcomes is one of the best in Central Florida. We have over 100 years of combined criminal defense experience and dedicate ourselves to representing our clients aggressively against drug charges. Contact our office today to find out what your rights are and how our firm makes all the difference in the courtroom.

Is Vaping Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida?