I Crashed a Rental Car Without Insurance. What Now?

I Crashed a Rental Car Without Insurance. What Now?

I Crashed a Rental Car Without Insurance. What Now?

Although car rental companies generally encourage people to take out insurance on their rented vehicle, many individuals opt to forgo it. There is always a chance of getting into an accident while using a rental car. Car rental companies have their insurance, but if an individual is involved in a crash while renting a car and does not have either insurance of their own or did not choose to get the rental agencys’ insurance, they are likely responsible for paying for all of the damages out-of-pocket.

Since every accident case is unique, different factors come into play regarding which entity is legally required to cover damages. If a driver without renter’s insurance caused the accident, there are extenuating circumstances to consider.

Take Care When Renting a Car

Renting a car means the individual is liable for any damages, even if they didn’t cause it directly. It’s wise to always check a rental vehicle before leaving the parking lot to become familiar with any damages the car might already have beforehand. Even a small, barely noticeable scratch can result in the rental car company charging the person for the loss, whether or not it was their fault. Use your smartphone to take pictures of any existing damage so that you have proof that it was on the vehicle before you left the lot.

Regular Car Insurance or a Credit Card Can Cover the Vehicle

Generally speaking, most car insurance policies provide rental car coverage. A person renting a vehicle should always make sure the insurance policy’s fine print covers any damage to the rental in case there is a sudden disaster. If the individual cannot understand the information, they can speak with an insurance agent from their insurer to have it clarified for them. Knowing these details is vital if an individual is planning on denying insurance coverage directly from a rental car company.

Additionally, many credit cards can provide for rental car insurance if the person uses that card to pay for the rental. All types of property damage are covered through credit card rental car insurance, even if another driver is at fault for the cost.  A credit card can cover personal injury damages in some cases. At the same time, it’s important to note that certain cards may only provide secondary coverage, which means a person’s primary insurance policy would serve as the primary coverage.

If Not Already Covered, it Depends on Who Was at Fault

If a person renting a car is at fault for an accident and doesn’t have car insurance and their credit card doesn’t provide rental car coverage, the rental car company will hold them liable if they failed to get rental car insurance. The situation becomes even more complicated if the individual caused injuries in an accident that went beyond the financial limitations of their policies.

If another driver caused the accident, the insurance company of the at-fault person(s) is held liable for any damage to the vehicle. The person renting the car would have to report the mishap and details of the accident to the rental car company, which may then be able to work with them to recover compensation for the damages.

In some cases, the rental car company might want to charge the person’s credit card for damages even if it wasn’t their fault – mainly because the company doesn’t want to wait for compensation. That situation would require the person to go through the other driver’s insurance on their own to be reimbursed.

Hire an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer to Get Compensated

If you or a loved one have had the misfortune of crashing a rental car without insurance coverage, it’s vital you have a reputable car accident attorney to represent you. You deserve representation you can trust, and our law firm offers nearly 20 years of practice to create an effective defense. If you have been in a rental car accident, we can help you throughout the claim process. Schedule an appointment today by calling our office for a free consultation.

I Crashed a Rental Car Without Insurance. What Now?