Sex Crimes and Professional Licenses

Sex Crimes and Professional Licenses

Sex crimes are considered serious offenses. Although there are many different types of sex crimes, being convicted of any one of them might land a professional on a list of sexual offenders in Florida. If this happens, it can interfere with the professional’s ability to get a job or to get or maintain a professional license.

Types of Crimes

Most people associate sexual offense with molesting or raping children; however, there are many types of sexual offenses. Having sex with someone who is below the age of consent, for example, is a sexual crime, as is taking pornographic pictures of children or engaging in prostitution. Most of these crimes are recorded on Florida’s sexual offender lists.


In many cases, professionals will lose their licenses if convicted of a sexual offense. State law prohibits people who are convicted of sexual crimes from working in professions that require direct contact with children; thus, professionals who are convicted of these types of crimes may be fired from their jobs, forced to close their practices or become ineligible for hire.

This is true even if the sexual offense was committed in another state. State law allows employers to conduct national background searches as well as state-specific searches to ensure that professionals who have committed offenses against children don’t work in jobs that involve child care.  Sex crimes that involve professionals are especially heavy in consequences because they may never be able to practice their field ever again, a field they may have been putting their entire life’s work into as well as their hard-earned licenses and certificates.

What to Do

If a professional is accused of a sexual crime, he or she should contact a Florida lawyer immediately. A competent Orlando attorney can prepare a criminal defense and try to avoid conviction or loss of license.  A professional license usually takes years upon years of hard work, dedication, education, and determination.  You don’t want to see what you earned slip away.  Contact us today at (407)228-3838.

Sex Crimes and Professional Licenses