Community Service Not a Priority for Some Celebrities

Community Service Not a Priority for Some Celebrities

Four years ago, the singer, Chris Brown was charged with attacking his girlfriend, Rihanna in a rented Lamborghini on a Los Angeles street. Brown pled guilty to the charge, but Brown’s attorney asked if he could finish his community service in Richmond, Virginia where his mother lived. The judge agreed, and Brown was allowed to complete the remaining 180 hours under Police Chief Bryan Norwood.

Community service is defined as uncompensated labor for a community service agency, which is a not-for-profit corporation that is designed to improve social welfare and agrees to accept community service.

The LA judge gave Brown five years of probation for the assault that occurred four years ago, but after the prosecutor saw the paper work from Virginia, he wants Brown to repeat the last 180 days of community service.

The LA district attorney reports that the paperwork Brown turned in was “at best sloppy documentation and at worst, fraudulent reporting,” and he also stated that Brown’s mother documented most of it. It was also reported that Brown wasn’t in Richmond on some of the dates that he was working.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, probation is completed in the state where the crime was committed. This is the law in Florida, so Chris Brown received an extreme “favor” from the courts of LA that allowed him to move to Richmond, but he took advantage of the favor from the court and skipped many of his hours.

Maybe he dazzled those in rural Richmond, so they did things his way. In central Florida, the one on probation generally comes into the office once a month, and at times an officer goes to the assigned community organization for a visit. If the community service is not completed, probation is dropped and the arrestee goes back to jail.

The drama is drenched in stardust, as Brown is now back in LA with Rihanna, and they attended the American Music Awards in November. LA officials have not arrived at a decision yet, as to whether Brown will have repeat those 180 hours that were an apparent fraud.

Community Service Not a Priority for Some Celebrities