Can I Legally Carry a Taser in Florida?

Can I Legally Carry a Taser in Florida?

Can I Legally Carry a Taser in Florida?

In Florida, you aren’t required to have a license to buy or carry a stun gun or taser as long as it’s being used for self-defense. However, other scenarios in which these devices may be used have certain restrictions. If you own a stun gun or taser, it’s essential to educate yourself on the various state laws surrounding these devices, as improper use of these “weapons” can be accompanied by serious consequences. 

If you are facing charges for illegally owning or operating a taser, you should seek counsel from a skilled criminal defense attorney. Here is some important information to know on stun gun laws in Florida. 

Stun Guns and Florida Law

Stun guns and tasers are devices that have the power to temporarily incapacitate an individual with an electrical charge. However, the devices work differently. With a stun gun, you must directly touch a person with the device while a taser shoots electrically charged darts from a distance. Tasers have the ability to disrupt a person’s neuromuscular system. Legally, Florida refers to both these devices as “electric weapons” when they are used for “defensive or offensive purposes, the destruction of life, or the infliction of injury.”

Who Is Not Allowed to Operate or Own an Electric Weapon in Florida?

Florida law places certain parameters on the kinds of people that are able to legally purchase or operate an electric weapon. In Florida, you could face felony charges for purchasing or possessing, or using an electric weapon if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are a convicted felon who has not had your criminal record expunged or civil rights restored in Florida
  • You are under the age of 24 and have been convicted of a juvenile offense that would have been considered a felony if you were considered an adult at the time of offense. 

In addition to these conditions surrounding stun gun possession and use, there are also restrictions minors must adhere to. If you are a minor—younger than 16—you are not allowed to use a stun gun or taser unless you are being supervised by an adult who has your parent’s consent. 

Adults who knowingly allow minors to use or possess an electric weapon without supervision or parental consent can face misdemeanor charges. Additionally, selling an electric weapon to any person younger than 18 without parental consent is also subject to misdemeanor charges. 

When Is It Illegal to Carry an Electric Weapon in Florida?

In Florida, it is illegal to carry a taser or stun gun for any reason other than self-defense. Additionally, the device must be nonlethal and designed solely for defensive use. It is also illegal to carry an electric weapon on school property. This “school” designation applies to all K-12 schools along with colleges and postsecondary institutions. Law enforcement personnel or the only party exempt from these restrictions. 

Consult With a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer in Central Florida

Any stun gun law violation and conviction can be accompanied by major consequences. If you are facing criminal charges related to the possession, purchase, or use of an electric weapon, you should seek legal counsel from a skilled criminal defense lawyer. At the Umansky Law Firm, we believe everyone has the right to a strong defense. We work tirelessly to ensure our client’s side of the story is told to the court.  

Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience in criminal law. We work closely with our clients and communicate with them through every stage of the legal process. To schedule a free consultation, call or complete an online contact form for a free consultation.

Can I Legally Carry a Taser in Florida?