Orlando Bench Warrant Recall Process

Orlando Bench Warrant Recall Process

Orlando Bench Warrant Recall Process


“There’s a warrant out for my arrest. What do I do?” We hear this often from frightened individuals who’ve recently received notification of the active warrant. Many people mistakenly believe that law enforcement will bust down their door or pop up at their place of work to fulfill the warrant, but that’s rarely the case.

Warrants come in various forms, but two of the most common are bench warrants and arrest warrants. Although similar, the two have one fundamental difference: bench warrants are issued for individuals who have been found in contempt of court for violating court rules or fail to appear for court appearances, while arrest warrants are more general as the court issues them for crime suspects. What they have in common is that if one is placed against you, a police officer can arrest you at any time or place. They both can also get withdrawn or recalled and retracted. This is best accomplished, however, with the help of a seasoned attorney.

The Orlando bench warrant recall lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm can help get you off of the radar of law enforcement. We understand the stress that results from possibly getting arrested at any time. The thought of being detained if you call the police after a car accident or when stuck on the side of the road with car trouble can be overwhelming and inflict great fear. Allow us to take the legal action necessary to get your court-ordered bench warrant nullified.

What a Florida Bench Warrant Recall Means

Bench warrants are often issued to individuals on probation or bail who have failed to fulfill a specified court order but can extend to others as well. A few common instances that would lead to a bench warrant being issued include:

No matter the reason for your bench warrant, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you get it recalled. A bench warrant recall results in the reversal of the court’s decision to have you arrested; you will no longer be wanted by law enforcement and no longer have to worry about being stopped and arrested randomly.

The Process of Recalling a Florida Bench Warrant

You will need the legal counsel of a knowledgeable attorney to have a bench warrant recalled. Start off by informing your lawyer on the grounds of your bench warrant. You should also gather and provide him or her with any documentation or background information surrounding the court order. Your attorney must then submit a request to the court for your warrant to be recalled.

If your warrant is for a misdemeanor, we can appear in court on your behalf and argue your case. Warrants can generally be recalled in such cases by simply fulfilling the neglected actions that resulted in your arrest. For felonies, however, you may have to appear in court alongside your attorney and go through a bit more complex process.

Experienced Orlando Bench Warrant Recall Lawyers

A seasoned Orlando bench warrant recall attorney can explain in-depth your legal options regarding your case specifically. With over 100 years of combined experience practicing criminal law in the Greater Central Florida area, our criminal lawyers can help guide your case to a favorable conclusion. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about how our team of Board Certified Criminal Trial attorneys can help you.

Orlando Bench Warrant Recall Process