Arrests After All-Star Weekend in Orlando

The NBA All Star Weekend is now over, and it appears that the big event was a success for many Orlando businesses, restaurants, and hotels. Lots of stars, fans, and families were in town, and formal and informal parties took place all week long. As is sometimes the case with such festive events, of course, there were a few legal problems, and even a few unfortunate arrests. Law enforcement is always vigilant in Florida, and during high-profile events, such as the all star weekend, we often see increased law enforcement staffing and vigilance, along with the increased necessity of criminal defense.

It’s now the beginning of a new week, and if you or anyone you know require the assistance of an Orlando criminal defense attorney, please contact us. Partying is not a crime, but sometimes socializing — with even the best of intentions — can lead to unwanted trouble. Effective legal assistance is critical to making the best of a difficult legal situation.

If you are local to Orlando, you know that you will want an lawyer. But even if you are visiting from out of town, having a local attorney can make the process of dealing with any type of incident easier for you. While we cannot provide legal advice in a blog such as this, as a general matter we are sometimes able to handle your case without your having to return to town. This can save you a lot money, time, and aggravation. For more difficult matters, we are here for you in the long run.

A drug possession charge or alcohol related crime is serious business. Don’t make a lack of solid legal advice turn a tough situation into something even worse. If you need a serious lawyer in Orlando to help, please feel free to contact us today.