SW Florida Crimestoppers in Spotlight

Police departments across the United States work day in and day out, 24 hours a day, to ensure the streets are safe for citizens to walk on. They take no vacations and holidays mean nothing to violent criminals, but police precincts can not do it all on their own. In recent years Crime Stoppers, an initiative launched nation wide to bring tips to cold or difficult cases, has helped police bring a conclusion to many cases, and to take violent criminals, drugs and stolen property off the streets. This year, in 2013, the Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers, was named the most productive Crime Stoppers in the South East.

According to a recent report, the South West Florida Crime Stoppers, has brought a conclusion to more cases and removed more drugs and stolen property off the streets than any other Crime Stoppers district in the Southeastern United States. The organization is responsible for tips that led to 732 arrests. An additional 1,600 cases were cleared, and over $1 million in drugs and stolen property were taken off the street.

The organization paid out over $150,000 in rewards for information that led to the arrest or conclusion of those cases. The organization in the Southwest Florida area is being praised for its efficient and innovative management. A mailing campaign, which listed all murders in the Fort Myers area and a plea for information leading to the resolution of the crimes, is being considered one of the imitative that made the campaign so successful this year.

The public is being hailed as heroes, as without public participation and citizens calling in tips and information, success of the program would be minimal. Each year, across the county, thousands of criminals are arrested, cases closed, and drugs seized thanks to Crimestopper organizations and imitativeness.