Polk County Sex Sting

The Polk County Sheriff’s Department had no idea that they were going to walk into such a huge sting this past weekend. They were able to arrest over 40 people on charges relating to prostitution, but to make matters worse some of the arrested were predominant members of the community. Can you imagine their shock to find a retired IRS agent and an oncologist among those that they arrested? These were people who purposely walked into the operation with the intention of paying someone to have sex; however, they had no idea that on the other end there were undercover detectives just waiting for them to come in.

The Internet is full of different ways that people can get wrapped up in an illegal operation and arranging something like this is fairly simple to accomplish. In the end you are the one who has to answer to the judge about the charges being brought against you, so it is better to think twice about what you are doing before it is too late. You could be looking at anything from probation to jail time, both of which can be for a very long period of time.

Sex Stings in central Florida are under scrutiny for the way they are conducted. Many times, the lengths the undercover cops go can be questionable. Some situations that have arisen in the past are officers posing as women of legal age, and then after speaking with the potential criminal, switch their age to one that would put them in danger of breaking the law. In other instances, an officer poses as an older woman, and then suggest vaguely at the end that their younger sister or daughter will be joining in sexual activity. Arguably, there are many times the individual is set up in a situation where they have absolutely no interest having a sexual encounter with a minor but the conversation becomes meandrous.

North American property law gives its citizens rights to protect their property from others, but even with that right there are still exceptions. For instance, one does not have full rights defending their body; you can’t do whatever you want with it. For example, you can’t sell an organ or body tissue, but in the event that you do decide to give an organ or blood, the hospital can make a profit without giving you any money from it. You have complete ownership of your body, you can decide what to eat, whether to exercise or consume large quantities of alcohol, but you have no ownership when it comes to selling your body for profit.

Being able to do what you want with your body in different capacities is an ongoing debate of whether law should be changed to more legal grounds, or should be not allowed due to the dangers that may come with selling one’s own body for profit? In Las Vegas Nevada, prostitution is regulated legally to brothels. Due to Vegas making prostitution legal for brothels areas in which the brothels are located have seen a low crime rate compared to places in the state that has banned prostitution. Would the crime rate drop if prostitution was regulated?

Have You Been Charged With Prostitution or Solicitation?

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