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When someone under 18 is arrested for engaging in an alleged criminal offense, they are considered a juvenile and may be tried as such. However, depending on the nature of the charge, a minor may be tried as an adult and face the full weight of the legal system if convicted.

When your child has been arrested by the Windermere Police Department and is facing criminal charges, a seasoned defense attorney could get to work protecting their interests. A Windermere juvenile defense lawyer will fight tirelessly to safeguard your child’s future and evaluate the most effective legal strategies to seek the best resolution.

Common Types of Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile offenses frequently involve the same actions that can lead to adult criminal charges. A Windermere attorney could help build a defense for those accused of adolescent crimes, including:

Each of these crimes can carry heavy penalties, depending on case specifics. Regardless of the charges, it is vital that you obtain legal representation.

When Juveniles are Charged as Adults

Even when an underage individual is charged as a juvenile and may face less harsh penalties than an adult, the consequences can follow them for years. The immediate aftermath of an arrest is a crucial time when we could act quickly on your child’s behalf to mitigate the legal impact of a juvenile charge.

We will fight to ensure that your child’s case does not fall by the wayside in the clogged machine that is the judicial system. We could also work tirelessly to prevent the case from being transferred to adult criminal court.

A judge may determine that a juvenile should be charged as an adult for multiple reasons. These may include the severity of the alleged offense, whether it was pre-meditated or violent, and if it was carried out against individuals or property.

Additional considerations include the prosecution’s argument regarding probable cause, the juvenile’s criminal record (if any), their ability to receive rehabilitation, and public interest. Speak to a Windermere attorney to see if a judge might charge your child as an adult based on their case.

Penalties and Defenses for Juvenile Crimes

While juvenile offenses are often the same as crimes that adults are charged with, the penalties and the way these cases are handled can look different. The juvenile justice system revolves around rehabilitation, as opposed to punishment, which is the focus of an adult criminal case.

If an adolescent is charged with an offense adjudicated through the juvenile system, the case will likely be reviewed in civil court instead of criminal. While this can reduce exposure to some of the complexities of the criminal court process, it can also mean that your child’s future rests with a single judge. In addition, a judge may order a juvenile to be held in a detention center until their court date.

Legal Consequences

A minor whose case is processed through the adult system may be left without access to rehabilitation options that would be available if they were tried as a child. Regardless of the type of charge, legal consequences ultimately may include:

  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Probation
  • Incarceration

The ramifications of a conviction can extend well into adulthood, so it is crucial to retain a qualified Windermere defense lawyer whether the case is tried in juvenile or adult court.

Possible Defenses

Mistaken identity, lack of evidence, or illegal search and seizure are just a few possible defenses that could be used to fight juvenile charges. Duress or entrapment may also be applicable defenses in some cases.

Furthermore, a conviction can impact a minor’s ability to complete their education or even get into certain schools. A juvenile criminal record can pose several challenges when the individual reaches adulthood, such as getting an apartment, securing gainful employment, and other events that lead to a background check.

Depending on the nature and severity of an offense, a person may be prohibited from living in a particular area, having the right to vote, or the ability to use a firearm. The effects of a juvenile conviction can significantly change an adolescent’s future.

Call a Windermere Juvenile Defense Attorney

Juvenile cases involve unique timelines and courtroom proceedings that differ significantly from other criminal matters. A dedicated Windermere juvenile defense lawyer who has represented adolescents, including those being tried as adult offenders, could help champion their rights from day one.

Our team could build a tailored strategy for your child’s defense and identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to mitigate an unjust outcome. To speak with an attorney on the specifics of your situation, contact our office today and schedule your confidential legal consultation.

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