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The government in Windermere and the rest of the state have taken great strides in recognizing that illegal drugs are just as much a public health problem as they are a criminal matter. To this end, many people facing charges related to the possession of these substances can seek out mental health services and rehabilitation related to their use of these drugs.

At the same time, prosecutors still aim to severely punish those who they believe bring these substances into communities. This includes drugs like cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, and even marijuana. A drug distribution conviction can result in a multiple-year prison sentence. Whether you are a person facing a first arrest for illegal drug possession or need to mount a vigorous defense against drug distribution charges, a Windermere drug lawyer is prepared to help.

State Law Offers Alternatives to Charges of Drug Possession

Florida Statute § 893.13 is the state’s law concerning the illegal possession of controlled substances. On the surface, it appears to prohibit the possession of drugs on any level and punishes this as a misdemeanor. However, it may be possible to accept responsibility for one’s actions and avoid criminal prosecution.

Modifications to the law aim to protect those who have grown dependent upon these substances. Many areas redirect drug possession charges to drug courts, where a person may be able to enter into a drug treatment program and go on probation instead of facing formal criminal charges. The successful completion of this program could result in the dropping of the charges. A Windermere drug attorney could help someone determine if these options are available. If not, they are prepared to argue a case at trial that shows that a police search was illegal or that the drugs in question were never in a defendant’s possession.

Defenses Against Allegations of Drug Distribution

State law enforcement is much more concerned with punishing the alleged distributors of illegal drugs. The same statute cited above prohibits the distribution, sale, or manufacture of illegal drugs. These cases are grouped into two categories: distribution and trafficking.

When police make an arrest under drug distribution charges, the case will move forward as a third-degree felony. Convictions can result in prison terms of up to five years. Other cases will fall into the category of trafficking, which generally involve the movement of large quantities of drugs. This is a first-degree felony with convictions of up to 30 years in prison.

Unlike in the laws that aim to help people who merely possess illegal drugs, there is no potential diversion program for those facing distribution charges. Arrests under this law leave individuals with no choice but to fight back in court. A drug defense lawyer in Windermere is prepared to take every necessary step to dispute these charges and protect the freedoms of those who are facing these serious allegations.

Reach Out to a Windermere Drug Attorney for Legal Counsel

Drug cases are among the most common that appear in Windermere’s criminal courts. The simple possession of a controlled substance is not as severe a charge as it used to be and people with a drug dependency may seek out court-supervised counseling in place of criminal charges.

However, the law still deals harshly with those who allegedly make, sell, or otherwise distribute drugs. Convictions here can bring multiple-year prison sentences. Talk with a Windermere drug lawyer today, so they can hear your story, evaluate your options, and defend your rights in court. Contact us as soon as possible to learn more.

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