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Embezzlement is a type of white-collar crime that Florida courts treat very seriously. People convicted on embezzlement charges can face harsh legal penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines, not to mention the effect that an embezzlement conviction could have on your professional and personal relationships. It would be hard to keep your job or get a new position once people find out you have a history of embezzling.

Your best chance of moving forward with your life is to fight these charges alongside an aggressive fraud defense attorney. An experienced Clermont embezzlement lawyer could review the charges and help you come up with a defense strategy tailored to fit the facts of your case.

Understanding Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement is a kind of theft crime that usually involves financial fraud. A theft involves one person taking property that belongs to someone else. Embezzlement differs from similar types of charges because, in most theft crimes, the thief never had any legitimate access to or authority over the stolen property. For instance, a bank robber who enters and holds up a bank demanding a teller give them money would be an example of a typical theft crime. In that case, the bank robber never had access to the money that they sought to steal.

In an embezzlement crime, the person who takes the property or money has legitimate access to it. You likely had a position of trust where you were given possession of the money or property. The crime occurs when someone withholds money or property that they are watching over and dishonestly converts it for their own use or takes some of it for their own benefit.

For example, if a bank teller decides to take some of the money from their cash drawer for their own personal benefit, that would be an embezzlement. In that example, the bank teller was in a position of trust and had legitimate access to the money in their cash drawer. When the teller decided to skim some of the money for themselves, they committed embezzlement.

Other examples where you might be facing embezzlement charges in Clermont could include the following:

  • A caregiver who takes property from the person they are looking after
  • A financial advisor who takes some of their clients’ money
  • A cashier or clerk who does not register a sale and keeps the money
  • An employee who creates false bills for reimbursement
  • Someone who sets up a Ponzi scheme to take money from and defraud their investors

Our dedicated lawyers have successfully handled many kinds of embezzlement charges over the years and can now help you in your specific situation.

Possible Penalties for Embezzlement

Florida law does not have a specific embezzlement statute. Instead, embezzlement charges generally arise out of theft charges. Florida Statutes § 812.014 explains that theft charges can range from first-degree, second-degree, or third-degree felonies. The charge depends on the value of the stolen property or money. Embezzlement charges involving larger amounts of money or property would be more serious and have greater legal consequences.

Experienced Clermont lawyers could review your embezzlement charges and explain the potential penalties so that you clearly understand what is at stake. They could also discuss defense strategies, which may include (1) you thought the money was legitimately yours; (2) you were not in fact taking it for your own benefit; (3) someone else was responsible for taking the money; among many others.

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