Jim West

Jim West

Everyone knows someone struggling with attention problems, oppositional students or trouble managing their anger. As president of Total Life Counseling Center, Jim’s purpose is to help families and individuals experience the “Total Life.” Jim is an author Nationally Certified Counselor, School Consultant and Professional Communicator specializing in ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. His Total Life approach accelerates the therapeutic & healing process by relating to children, adolescents and adults and incorporating wellness. Jim’s clients travel from North and South Florida, Georgia, Bahamas, Cayman Islands as he successfully treats clients with ADHD, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Depression and more with FDA approved supplements and Dietary Modifications. Since 2003, most of his clients have not needed medication or used less medication with Jim’s services!

Nationally Certified Counselor:

Jim has a unique way of bonding with clients through common interests, play therapy, Power Point presentations, interactive games, recreation therapy and staying current with the constantly changing world of the adolescent. He managed the Behavioral Health Network (BNET) for Polk, Highlands and Hardee County until November 2003. BNET is a state funded Title XXI program for kids requiring intensive therapeutic services beyond the scope of traditional outpatient therapies and has been quite successful at keeping most of those enrolled out of residential or inpatient programs. Jim’s clinical experience started in 1994 and is licensed by the state of Florida as a Mental Health Counselor

School Consultant:

communication skills, character development, accommodations, school improvement, school retention and implements bullying programs in schools across the state of Florida. Schools using his approach often experience a 50% drop in discipline programs.

Some schools include:
Lake Highland Prep, Ocoee Elementary, First Academy, Foundation Academy, Orangewood, St. Pete Christian School, & more. Jim has been invited to speak for private school accreditation boards, & school social worker associations. Jim’s retreats provide help students to resolve conflicts and repair past hurts. He is asked to help public and private schools to assist in improving

Professional Communicator:
He is asked to speak at organizations, churches and school assemblies on various topics including Positive Socialization, Team Building, Stress Management, Anger Management, Defusing Students or Parents, etc. Jim is asked to train or speak at various for professional state, national and international organizations such as ACSI, FACCS, SSWAA, CFAMFT & CSPBC. He has spoken to thousands of teachers over the years and influenced private schools to provide special programs for students with learning disabilities, and accommodations for ADHD.

Social Skills:
Jim’s weekly Social Skills Groups for students and adults 6-29 years of age and also has Leadership Social Skills Day & Summer Camps utilizing experiential adventure based approaches: Ropes Courses, Dance, & Horses. Recently, Summer Camps incorporate a Challenge Ropes Course and Equestrian program has helped participants mature significantly, socially and emotionally, increase confidence, become calmer, more compliant, improved leadership skills, and a more positive influence on their peers.

Jim has had several skits & sketches as well as characters developed in sketches that have been published and performed across the U.S. His StressLess Series includes workbooks on Anger Management, ADHD, & Bullying programs as well as DVD’s Audio/Video Downloads on 3 Quick Tips to Resolve Conflict & Repair Relationships, Overcoming ADHD Classroom Challenges, and Solutions for Oppositional Defiant Students

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