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There are few situations in life that are more challenging than allegations of sexual wrongdoing. Allegations alone can damage your reputation or sink your career. While that can be distressing, these consequences pale in comparison to what follows a criminal conviction.

If you have been charged with a sexually-based offense, a dedicated criminal defense attorney might be able to help. Your lawyer could not only remove the stress of fighting these charges from your shoulders, but they could also maximize your chances of a positive outcome. Instead of accepting a plea on your own or relying on an overworked public defender to give your case only the smallest bit of attention, it could be in your best interest to talk with a Belle Isle sex crimes lawyer.

Examples of Sex Offenses

The term “sex crime” broadly defines a wide range of criminal acts. There are multiple state statutes dedicated to these offenses, which all have their own elements of proof and sentencing guidelines. Some charges that a Belle Isle sex crimes attorney could defend include the following offenses, among many others.

Rape or Sexual Assault

While commonly referred to as “rape” in most jurisdictions, these allegations fall under the crime of sexual battery in Florida. This offense involves nonconsensual sexual penetration of another person using a body part or object. Non-consent can also refer to people who were drugged or intoxicated during the incident.

Sexual battery convictions are always treated as a felony under the law. While a conviction can result in years of incarceration in any situation, factors like the age of the victim or the use of weapons could increase these penalties.

Possession of Child Pornography

The possession, control, or viewing of child pornography is a sex crime under state law. This involves all forms of media, including photographs, videos, digital depictions, or other presentations of a minor involved in sexual conduct.

It is worth noting that this is a crime of intent. Possessing or viewing this material alone is not automatically a crime, you must have done the act knowing the person depicted was under the age of 18. That means if you accidentally or unwittingly had child pornography in your possession, you may have a defense. However, proving this lack of knowledge to a jury can be challenging without legal help from a Belle Isle attorney who understands sex crime offenses.

Indecent Exposure

Some of these offenses do not involve direct sexual contact with another person. For example, indecent exposure involves revealing sex organs in a vulgar or indecent manner. A conviction is possible when this behavior occurs in public, or on private property when visible to others.

Defense Strategies for Sex Offenses

Anyone facing these allegations has the right to put on a defense. You are also entitled to the support and counsel of a Belle Isle sex crimes attorney. The specific strategy we lean into will depend on the facts of your case – no two cases are the same.

Consent is a viable defense in some cases but not others. When it comes to allegations of rape, evidence that the alleged victim consented to the act can be beneficial. This approach is not viable when it comes to offenses like possession of child pornography, however.

There are times when the best approach involves highlighting the lack of evidence offered by the state. The prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and that is a high bar to clear. An attorney could establish doubt without the need for highlighting an additional suspect or creating an alternate theory of the crime. DNA or photographic evidence might also not be present, which makes it more difficult to prove guilt.

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If you currently face criminal charges of a sexual nature, the legal jeopardy you are facing is substantial. The outcome of your case could have far-reaching consequences that follow you permanently, such as having to register as a sex offender in your community. You deserve to have a fierce and intelligent advocate on your side to represent you. Contact a Belle Isle sex crimes lawyer today for a private consultation. This is an important moment in your life that you must entrust to somebody who is experienced in these types of cases.

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