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For many people, the college years are the wildest times of their lives. Students will often engage in behaviors that are not acceptable at any other time or in any other setting, but it can also lead to some bad decisions and criminal charges.

Criminal convictions are life-altering. They can impact someone’s employability, credit, ability to graduate, ability to get loans or other forms of financial aid, reputation, and freedom. The best time to get a defense attorney is as soon as you suspect you may be facing charges. Contact a Belle Isle college student defense lawyer now to get started.

Common College Criminal Offenses

College students – such as those at nearby UCF – often engage in multiple types of exploration with drugs, alcohol, and sex. Unfortunately, the combination of those factors can lead to some severe criminal charges. Drug and alcohol offenses — including driving while intoxicated or underage drinking—are frequent. So are sex offenses.

Theft and fraud are common on college campuses. It is easy to “borrow” a friend or roommate’s property and be accused of stealing. Plus, college students often navigate their first romantic relationships. When tempers run high, they might commit acts of domestic violence — often without even realizing they are engaging in illegal activity. Bar fights and other scuffles may also result in assault charges. Then there are student code violations, which can include academic offenses like cheating or plagiarism.

All of these offenses have potentially severe consequences. Many can be charged as felonies, destroying your future in the process. People should not assume that misdemeanor charges are harmless either. An attorney could explain the potential consequences of each charge to a Belle Isle college student and offer legal advice.

The Right to Remain Silent and the Right to an Attorney

The U.S. Constitution contains several essential protections for people accused of a crime. Arguably, the two most vital are the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.

Many people assume that they will look guilty if they ask for an attorney. The reality is that if the police are questioning you, they already believe you have some connection to a crime. The state cannot use your refusal to answer police questions against you in a criminal trial. You should not answer police questions before consulting with an attorney.

Attorneys often advise cooperating with the police. However, we do so after reviewing the evidence that the police have against you. That information can help us advise clients on how to approach questioning.

Defending a College Student Against a Charge

Student defense lawyers will also examine law enforcement’s process. In the United States, criminal defendants are guaranteed due process of law. A combination of case law and statutes defines what due process means. One of an attorney’s most important roles is to look at police activities to determine whether they have complied with those rules and laws. If not, it may lead to evidence being inadmissible, decreasing the state’s likelihood of getting a conviction.

It is also vital to recall that actual guilt and legal guilt are not the same thing. The state has the burden of proving a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt — a very high burden. Many people erroneously believe that if they are guilty, the best resolution they can have is a guilty plea. However, a Belle Isle student defense attorney could examine the evidence in the case and provide fact-specific advice that aims for an acquittal or dismissal, or will lead to a determination of innocence at a disciplinary hearing.

Consult a Belle Isle Student Defense Attorney

When you believe you are a suspect in a criminal case or are looking at a disciplinary hearing, it is crucial to contact an attorney. Even if you are factually innocent, speaking to the cops without representation can put you in a vulnerable position. Estimates suggest that 10% of people in prison are actually innocent. Effective representation by counsel is one of the best ways to ensure you do not join that disturbing statistic.

Academic violations on college campuses can play out differently than a typical law violation. Contact a Belle Isle college student defense lawyer to set up a consultation and find out how we may get you in a better place, legally and academically.

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