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There are many consequences that come with a fraud conviction. These serious criminal charges can result in lengthy jail terms and steep fines for the person accused. If convicted, you can also expect to face serious damage to your reputation that could make it hard for you to maintain employment in the future.

Fraud charges do not have to end this way, however, and they are defensible with the help of a reliable criminal attorney. You could benefit from discussing your defense options with a Winter Park fraud lawyer who will have your back at every point in the process.

What is Fraud?

There are many circumstances that qualify as fraud in Winter Park. In general, a fraud offense involves the misrepresentation of a material fact as part of some form of transaction. A person must knowingly misrepresent or falsify relevant information in order to be guilty of fraud.

Some forms of fraud involve forgery, including the creation or alteration of legal documents. Other forms of fraud can involve false promises or representations about a “material” (meaning, important or relevant) part of an agreement.

Fraud can also occur through a variety of mediums. One of the most common ways this happens is known as wire fraud, which occurs over the internet, but there are also many instances of mail fraud, health insurance fraud, or mortgage fraud.

No matter the specifics, any allegation of this nature is a serious matter that cannot be ignored. A criminal conviction for fraud could result in a lengthy prison term and enormous monetary fines. A Winter Park attorney could develop a winning defense against these fraud allegations.

Defenses in a Fraud Case

There are different defense strategies available in fraud cases. No two cases are exactly the same, so it is crucial to tailor a defense strategy to the facts of the incident in question. A Winter Park fraud attorney could pursue the following defense strategies:

Lack of Intent

A person cannot “accidentally” commit fraud. As a crime of intent, a person is only guilty of fraud if they intended to make the misrepresentation in question. Simply being mistaken or wrong about a fact is not fraud if there was no intent to defraud someone. That said, it can be difficult to show the lack of intent in these cases, as it is often subjective.

Lack of Evidence

It is up to the state to prove a case for fraud, and they have to do so beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high burden that is not easily met. In many cases, the strongest possible defense involves showing the state did not meet this burden. Relying on a lack of evidence is less about building a compelling defense and more about pointing at the deficiencies of the state’s case.

Constitutional Violations

Everyone accused of fraud has constitutional rights that protect them when they are accused of a crime. When the police violate these rights, it can directly impact the outcome of a fraud case. For example, any evidence illegally seized by the police could be barred from being introduced at a fraud trial.

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