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Almost everyone who has ever driven a car knows the sense of frustration that comes with being pulled over by police. When police stop you for DUI in Winter Haven, you might also feel a sense of humiliation and shame as you step out of your vehicle to undergo questionable tests. Although it is part of the job to go after DUI suspects, police can make several mistakes when they pursue a DUI arrest. If you were recently arrested in Winter Haven for driving under the influence, you should act quickly to secure your rights by working with a Winter Haven DUI lawyer. Our reliable defense attorneys could provide the assistance you need to beat this charge.

How a Winter Haven DUI Will Affect your Future

Even if you are never convicted, you could face several hardships for having a DUI on your record. If you are college-bound, you may lose the opportunity to attend the school of your choice, your scholarship, or both. You will likely have trouble obtaining housing and employment, as landlords and employers tend to steer clear of those who have run into trouble with the law. A DUI conviction can ultimately make matters worse as in the eyes of potential employers and landlords who believe you committed the offense.

The trouble doesn’t stop there. A DUI can also work against you in a custody dispute or act as an aggravating factor if you are ever accused of a future crime. The best chance you have of regaining control over your future is to work with a DUI lawyer in Winter Haven.

Challenging a Winter Haven DUI

A competent DUI lawyer may be able to challenge several aspects of your DUI case, from the initial traffic stop to the testing phase. Police officers in Winter Haven must have probable cause to stop a driver under suspicion of DUI. Irrational and unpredictable driving behaviors frequently alert police that a driver may be under the influence; however, police may have made several mistakes during the stop that could lead to your charges being dropped if they failed to act lawfully. The DUI stop itself is just one element your lawyer may question when defending you in court.

Challenging DUI Testing Methods

A DUI suspect undergoes numerous tests that are supposed to disclose his level of intoxication. Despite so many technological advancements and hours of police training, these tests often produce inaccurate results.

The breathalyzer machines police rely upon to produce BAC results that are permissible in court are complicated instruments that need constant maintenance to remain effective. The machines themselves may have faulty components or software, while the people operating them may have failed to follow the necessary procedures to ensure an accurate reading. Likewise, lab techs can improperly administer blood and urine tests or improperly store them, causing the samples to deteriorate and produce an incorrect read of a person’s intoxication at the time of the stop. An attorney who handles DUI cases in Winter Haven can look into all these technicalities to fight your DUI charges.

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