Caught Stealing from Publix in Orlando


Publix is one of the most popular grocery stores in Central Florida as they provide quality items coupled with Grade A customer service. Offering everything from toiletries to food products, one can find pretty much anything at Publix. This makes the grocer a target for people who may value their high-quality items, but rather not pay the associated price. In some occasions, the individual shoplifting is doing so out of a necessity to feed their families, but in the eyes of the law, there is no justification for theft, which can leave all shoplifters facing severe criminal penalties. In many instances, a person caught stealing made a mistake or was distracted when going through the check-out line.

If you have been arrested and charged with shoplifting from Publix, it is essential that you acquire the legal services of a seasoned attorney. The shoplifting defense attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm have over 100 years of combined legal experience that they can use to your advantage. Bring your case to us and discover how you may be able to avoid jail time and associated fines.

Publix Shoplifting Policy

Publix, like many other large retail stores, has a zero-tolerance shoplifting policy. So although they’ll greet you with a smile and help you carry groceries to your car if need be, they also won’t hesitate to detain you and call authorities to the scene if they suspect you of shoplifting. It is important that you know that they do not have to wait until you leave the store to stop you. If they have reasonable suspicion to believe that you were shoplifting, they can approach you while you are still in the store, but you do have rights.

The loss prevention team must identify themselves when they approach you and can only detain you in a reasonable manner for a reasonable amount of time. They cannot use excessive force or threatening language when detaining you, and they must provide their name if you request it. Once the authorities arrive on the scene, they are required to turn you over to the police.

Criminal Penalties for Shoplifting from Publix

While many see shoplifting as a petty crime, it comes with many severe penalties that have the capability of derailing your future. Under Florida § 812.014, the penalties for shoplifting are as follows:

Valued Under $100 | Second-Degree Misdemeanor | Petit Theft

  • Up to 60 days in jail
  • Up to six months probation
  • $500 in fines

Valued $100 to $300 | First-Degree Misdemeanor | Petit Theft

  • Up to 1 year in jail
  • Up to 1 year on probation
  • $1000 in fines

Valued Over $300 | Felony | Grand Theft

  • Up to 5 years in prison
  • Up to 5 years on probation
  • Up to $5000 in fines

If you’re caught shoplifting in concert with another individual, the courts will combine the total value of what was stolen and charge you accordingly. This means that even if you only stole $100 worth of goods and your accomplice stole $200 worth of goods or more, you both could be facing grand theft charges. It is vital that you secure legal representation to help ensure that you are not penalized to the fullest extent of the law.

Talk to an Orlando Attorney if Accused of Stealing from Publix

The lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm are knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys with experience as prosecutors on the state and local level. We are abreast of the tactics the State will implement to get a conviction, and we can use our inside knowledge to counter their efforts. Do not let this one mishap have a lasting effect on your future. Our founder, Bill sharpened his skills as an attorney while serving as the City Prosecutor for the City of Orlando. As a former prosecutor, Umansky has tried hundreds of Florida cases and provides a unique insight unfamiliar with most Central Florida law firms. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and get a much-needed second chance.

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    Caught Stealing from Publix in Orlando