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Whether you are charged with a drug crime for the first or third time, it is never easy to digest the fact that you are facing legal consequences for alleged drug activity. At The Umansky Law Firm, our team of Ocoee criminal defense lawyers has decades of experience fighting for clients facing charges for drug possession, drug sale and delivery, trafficking, cultivation, prescription drug fraud, or any other offense involving controlled substances.

Founder William Umansky has dedicated a career of over 25 years to criminal defense in Ocoee and Greater Central Florida. He provides close personal attention to each case he receives and uses his experience as a former prosecutor to work when constructing robust defense strategies to protect his clients. He and his team of skilled defense attorneys work tirelessly to give their clients second chances. If you are in legal trouble right now for one or more drug crimes, you deserve tenacious representation.

Ocoee Drug Defense Attorneys on Your Side

Florida is one of the worst states in which you can be charged with a drug crime. While other states have begun to stray from mandatory minimum prison sentences, Florida has recently adopted mandatory minimums for fentanyl possession. Florida also employs mandatory minimum sentences for drug trafficking, which means that judges lose all discretion to consider the facts of your unique case when determining an appropriate sentence.

If you are convicted of a drug offense in Ocoee, you may be forced to serve a certain amount of years behind bars for the given offense. With a dedicated Ocoee drug crimes lawyer advocating for you, it may be possible to have your charges dropped or reduced to avoid mandatory minimum sentencing.

Common Drug Crimes in Ocoee, Florida

Many misdemeanor and felony drug offenses carry heavy penalties that can increase depending on whether you have a past criminal record and other factors. These are just a handful of the more common drug offenses our law firm handles on a regular basis.

Marijuana Offenses

From possession to cultivation, several marijuana actions remain illegal despite the recent legalization of medical marijuana in Florida. Although a growing number of regions in Central Florida are decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana (under 20 grams), in most cities possessing fewer than twenty grams of pot can lead to first-degree misdemeanor charges. A person may face up to a year in a county jail, a fine of up to $1,000, probation, and driver’s license revocation without a diligent attorney protecting his interests. Elsewhere, possessing twenty or more grams of marijuana can lead to felony charges. Marijuana charges in Ocoee should be taken seriously, as they can damage your reputation and affect your future prospects.

Opioid/ Prescription Drug Offenses

The governor of Florida has declared a public health emergency regarding the opioid crisis. As such, laws surrounding opioids like fentanyl and other painkillers are in flux. The consequences for a conviction for an opioid or prescription drug offense in Florida are much worse than in other states. Acquiring competent legal counsel is the first step in protecting your rights throughout the judicial process.

Heroin Offenses

Some of the most severe consequences for drug charges in Ocoee are reserved for heroin offenses. Possessing any amount of heroin will lead to felony charges. Heroin trafficking charges are among the most severe drug charges in the state. The penalties you will face after a heroin trafficking conviction include a mandatory minimum prison sentence. William Umansky and his team have handled hundreds of heroin drug cases and have the necessary experience to communicate with prosecutors to help you avoid the most stringent penalties.

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Our law firm employs knowledgeable attorneys who stay up-to-date on all current state and federal drug laws. We have over 60 years of combined experience practicing criminal law in Ocoee and Greater Central Florida. At The Umansky Law Firm, we are dedicating to helping you navigate the complex criminal process every step of the way. Call or chat with us live for a free and confidential consultation.

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