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It is nearly impossible to travel anywhere in the Mount Dora area and not encounter a large commercial vehicle. These trucks perform a variety of functions, from moving cargo, to package delivery, to essential construction support. However, each of these vehicles poses a major threat to the safety of people in smaller passenger cars. If these encounters result in harm, you have the right to seek out compensation for your losses.

Consulting with a Mount Dora truck accident lawyer today could set you down the path toward a better outcome. Not only does a seasoned personal injury attorney strive to prove that a truck driver’s negligence was the source of the crash, but they could also connect an employer to the incident when demanding proper payments. These factors help people like you to move forward with their lives from a position of financial stability.

When is a Trucker Liable for an Accident?

As a general rule, truckers have the same obligation to safely operate their vehicles as all other drivers on the road. This also means that they are directly liable for any damage that they may cause to other people due to their negligence or careless driving. Proving fault for these incidents can be difficult, but a Mount Dora truck accident attorney is prepared to take the lead in this process.

Accidents Due to Common Traffic Violations

Truckers must follow the same traffic laws as all other travelers. This means that they must obey speed limits, yield when appropriate, and stop at red lights and stop signs. Demonstrating that a violation of these laws led to an accident is one powerful way to show that a trucker was responsible for a collision.

Additional Restrictions Apply to Truckers

Special rules also apply to truckers that could help a Mount Dora truck crash lawyer prove fault for an accident. A prominent example is the rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that set maximum drive time limits on commercial truckers. If a trucker exceeds these limits and is involved in a crash, it is likely that the trucker is to blame. Similar laws control the maximum weight of these vehicles and even reduce speed limits on certain roads and streets. Talking with an attorney could help people to better understand the special rules that allow them to pursue their demands for compensation.

Liable Parties Besides the Driver

A negligent driver is personally liable for their own actions while behind the wheel but a comprehensive case will seek out other parties that may share liability following a crash.

An obvious example is an insurance company. Whether the trucker is an independent contractor doing business on their own or is an employee of a trucking enterprise, they must always operate under the protection of an insurance policy. These policies specifically provide payments to the victims of crashes for their medical bills, emotional traumas, and other losses.

Another potential party that could share liability is the trucker’s employer. A concept called respondeat superior says that an employer is jointly responsible for the actions of their employees while those workers are on the clock. As long as the accident happened while the trucker was on the job, their employer is likely to share blame for the incident.

Obtain Legal Help by Contacting a Mount Dora Truck Accident Attorney Today

The outcome of a truck accident case can have a profound impact on you. These cases could determine whether you will be responsible for your medical bills and whether you can collect compensation for your emotional losses and missing income.

Let a Mount Dora truck accident lawyer help prove that a trucker was at-fault for a crash, and demand that trucking companies and insurance providers pay out the compensation that you deserve. Reach out to The Umansky Law Firm today, as your time to pursue your case may be running short.

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