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Drug trafficking is a crime that involves knowingly and intentionally selling, importing, and delivering an amount of controlled substances that exceed the statutory limits. Trafficking criminal charges are a significant violation of the law, and a conviction would mean facing mandatory minimum sentencing and spending up to 30 years in prison.

If you face charges or are under investigation for this drug crime, you must take the charges seriously, as a conviction would have severe consequences on your life. Call an Avalon Park drug trafficking lawyer today if you need help with your defense.

Drug Trafficking Laws in Avalon Park

People can face drug trafficking charges in Florida without operating a massive drug manufacturing and distribution enterprise. Under Florida Statute § 893.135, an arrest for the possession of drugs, including prescriptions or controlled substances, that exceeds specific thresholds can mean prosecution for drug trafficking charges.

Some of the most common drugs leading to arrest in Avalon Park include fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Unfortunately, drug charges and arrests, including trafficking, are common in the entire state.

Trafficking in Cocaine

An individual who is guilty of trafficking in cocaine of over 28 grams but less than 200 will spend a mandatory minimum sentence of three years in prison. They must also pay fines of up to $50,000. A conviction for 200 grams but less than 400 carries a seven-year mandatory minimum prison sentence and up to $100,000.

Finally, anyone guilty of trafficking 400 or more grams of cocaine will serve at least 15 years in prison and is required to pay a fine up to $250,000. An Avalon Park drug trafficking attorney could answer questions about the statutes and specific questions about possible defense strategies during the consultation.

The Possible Defense Strategies for Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking conviction penalties are severe, with minimum sentencing guidelines. Therefore, finding an effective defense strategy is crucial. Some of the common possible defense strategies against drug trafficking charges in Avalon Park include the following:

Unlawful Search and Seizure

The United States Constitution protects citizens and residents from unlawful search and seizure by government agencies, including police officers. They must be able to establish they had a search warrant or probable cause before completing the search and finding the drugs.

Unwitting Possession of Controlled Substances or Prescription Drugs

Unwitting possession is a drug crime defense involving asserting the person did not know they were in possession of the controlled substances or prescription drugs. Criminal laws require that the defendant knows they were breaking the law in order to be convicted.

Entrapment by an Informant

Entrapment by an informant is an affirmative defense strategy in which the defendant argues they would not have engaged in the illegal activity without information coercion. Proving entrapment successfully could result in the criminal court dismissing the charges. A drug trafficking lawyer in Avalon Park could help determine the best strategy after reviewing the case.

Call an Avalon Park Drug Trafficking Attorney to Learn More

Pleading guilty or even speaking with authorities without first speaking to an experienced Avalon Park drug trafficking lawyer could have severe consequences on your life. A skilled criminal defense attorney could review the arrest and other case details and help determine the best defense strategy to reach the best outcome in your case.

If you face criminal drug charges, understanding your legal rights and responsibilities is the best way to defend yourself from severe and lasting negative consequences. Call today to allow The Umansky Law Firm to review your case and begin preparing an investigation immediately.

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