Woman faces charges including attempted murder

Criminal charges often result if a person commits an illegal act in the state or in the country. In Orlando, Florida, residents understand that each criminal offense carries a unique set of penalties, which may include jail time, fines, probation and other negative consequences. Some charges fall into the misdemeanor category, while others are felonies. A criminal offense can be prosecuted in either a state or federal court, depending on the severity and nature of the offense. A person accused of a crime will need to present a strong defense to avoid the serious repercussions of a conviction.

Recently, one woman was arrested for hit-and-run, child neglect and attempted murder in Orlando, Florida. Based on a report, the accused woman was driving a sports utility vehicle when she crashed into a fence after she swerved her vehicle and attempted to hit the father of her children. The driver then fled the scene of the crash. According to authorities, after searching for the SUV, they found the accused woman fighting with another woman. Police also discovered the woman’s three children inside the vehicle, aged two months, one year and three years. Additionally, her three children were not wearing their safety harnesses.

In this case, the woman may wish to fight the charges against her. It may help her to avoid criminal conviction or to minimize the consequences that she will be facing. The accused woman also may wish to consider seeking legal advice in order to understand the severity of the charges, as well as to learn about her options in this situation. With legal assistance, the accused person can build a criminal defense, which may hold the key to the case being dismissed. No matter the outcome of a case, getting sound advice is always a sensible idea.

Source: WKMG Local 6, “Mom arrested in Orange County hit-and-run with kids in vehicle, FHP says,” June 24, 2014