What is the meaning of “theft?”

Orlando, Florida, residents are familiar with the term, “theft,” because this term is often heard as the reason for arrest. Theft charges are perhaps one of the most common offenses in Florida and perhaps throughout the United States. Theft is a broad term that basically refers to stealing or taking someone else’s property with the intent to deprive that person of that certain property. Those people charged with theft may be interested to know more about theft and the different forms of theft, which can help build a defense against these charges.

A person can be charged with theft if that person took something owned by another person. The intent of the action is also an important element to establish in theft cases. By simply moving or removing property, a person can already be charged with theft. The degree of theft depends on the amount or value of the property. For example, pocketing candy in a sweets store will bring petty theft charges, which is a misdemeanor offense. Stealing a car could bring a charge of grand theft, which is a more serious offense.

If you have been charged with either of these kinds of theft, it is important to review state laws to determine how severe the charge is. A misdemeanor or petty theft allows for an easier negotiation with the court for reduced fines and penalties. But more serious grand theft offenses provide very little leeway to successfully negotiate with the court, which then necessitates an aggressive approach to avoid conviction.

Building a criminal defense against a theft is easier if you have legal professional on your side. An experienced law professional can explain all the details of the case as well lay out the options that can bring the best possible results.

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