We can be your shield in your fight against criminal charges

Laws are made to maintain peace and order in the community. Central Florida readers are aware that each criminal offense can bring various consequences such as probation, fines, mandatory minimum sentences, and other penalties. If convicted, some severe criminal offenses can leave a permanent dent on your record. The good news is that anyone accused of a criminal offense has the right to tell his or her side of the story in an effort to prove his or her innocence of the criminal allegations.

Our Orlando criminal defense lawyers understand the intricate details of each criminal charge. We have handled numerous cases ranging from theft and drug offenses to sex crimes and other serious criminal offenses. Following criminal charges, there is always hope. By using an aggressive approach and a resilient criminal defense, an accused person can have a second chance if the charges are reduced or dropped, or the case is dismissed.

The goal of establishing a criminal defense is to achieve a favorable result for the defendant. We can prepare your defense, negotiate with the prosecutor or judge, and question the validity of evidence presented by the prosecution. Our efforts are always geared toward reducing the penalties or getting the charges dropped. You and our team of legal experts can work hand-in-hand to obtain the results you seek.

If you are interested to learn more about criminal defense and its importance, you may want to check our website or contact one our experienced attorneys. Every accused person has the right to a defense.