Valentines Day and Drunk Driving

People want an excuse for any holiday to drink and drive, whether it is Christmas, Halloween, or celebrating when they find out they’re a godfather or a finalist in a fantasy football league.  Sometimes, people drink out of sorrow or sadness, which can be an unfortunately situation for some during the love-centric holiday of Valentines Day.

On the flip side, Valentines Day can be a day of celebration with proposals anew and anniversaries for some.  Excessive drinking may occur in these situations when couples profess there love over numerous bottles of wine.  Remember if you plan on drinking quite a bit with a loved one, arranging for a cab service may not be the worst idea you’ve since the chocolate strawberries you left in your car in high 90’s weather.

Valentines Day can be a wonderful and romantic holiday. Unfortunately it also can be a night when a couple has too much to drink (like that favorite bottle of wine) and get arrested for DUI or drunk driving. Please make sure that you have a plan on who is driving before you go out to dinner. Police in Orlando, Seminole County, Orange County and Osceola and Brevard will likely step up enforcement. If you need an Orlando Attorney contact our firm for help. Remember to have a great holiday but stay Safe!