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My experience with the Umansky Law Firm was amazing! I got into a car accident at the beginning of last year and the team I worked with helped me every step of the way with their attentiveness and communication. A big thanks to Bill, Ash, Randy, Ana, and Andrea!

Jasmine Mauvais
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The Umansky Law Firm got my case dropped after 2 years of fighting for justice! My Legal Assistant Vanessa was always available and genuinely believed I was innocent. My Attorney Brice Aikens was relentless and and never backed down from getting me justice. If anyone is in need of a lawyer in an unfortunate circumstance, I highly recommend the Umansky Law Firm in Orlando, FL! I am grateful for everything this firm has done for me.

Jeff Nolden
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I was injured in a car accident on I4 that injured my right shoulder. I had friend that had spoken highly of the Umansky law firm as a personal injury lawyer Not being from Florida I took my friends advice and made the call and I am certainly glad I made that call. From the very first phone call and through to the final correspondence I was treated with the absolute best customer service anyone could ever ask for.
I had the pleasure of working with my teamates Bill, iAsh,. Randy,. Andrea and Ana and I am here to say thank you. My case was small in my eyes but my case was treated like the biggest case in the history of personal injury cases. First class, top notch,
A-1, top shelf service is what I got. Amazing these people are. The G.O.A.T. when it comes to handling a personal injury case. You all are the best ever!!

Jeffrey Powers
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I am beyond happy with the service I received from Zahra, Gigi and Kim. I was spoken to very clearly from the beginning in a way in which I understood very well what steps would be taken into helping me with my case and what I would have to pay. I was happy to learn that they offer payment plans. With my case, I never anticipated that it could be handled in such a short amount of time. It seems like I just blinked and my case was dismissed. Extremely proud of myself for doing the research, reading up on reviews and choosing the best Lawyers to help me with my case. I am very happy I chose The Umansky Lawfirm to represent me. It was a quick and seamless process. Highly recommended, they will not disappoint!

Sheila Sheila
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I was involved in a car accident about a year ago and was recommended Umansky Law Firm to represent me. I am very fortunate that I didn’t go with one of the larger firms like the commercials say. This team is very compassionate and understanding of everything you are going through and actually care about getting you the best possible treatment available. Attorney Ash Hicks went above and beyond through the entire process and I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Michael Gibson
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I contacted the Umansky Law Firm, on behalf of my friend, in reference to a potential criminal defense matter. Bill and his wife called me on a Sunday afternoon to discuss the matter. They even went in depth about anticipated strategies, which I greatly appreciated since I’m a law student. Overall I was extremely impressed with their customer service and professionalism. I have no hesitation referring friends or future clients to the Umansky Law Firm.

Benjamin Kaufman
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Umansky Law firm, especially Atty Bradford Fisher was the absolute best. They are aggressive and handle things quickly. My case was dismissed within the month! He is professional and to the point. His staff (paralegals) are all professional as well. I am so satisfied with them. Hopefully I won’t need them again but if I do I know exactly where to go. Thank you Atty Fisher!!!

Raquel Luna Mendez
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I am so happy to have chosen the Umansky Law Firm as my representative. Moreover to have Attorney Fisher was great, I would recommend him highly to anyone. If in the future I ever need representation I will go back to the Umansky Law Firm and Attorney Fisher without reservation or hesitation. Thank you and all the best!

Philip Morgan