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Tag: DUI charges

How to Avoid a DUI At The 2015 Super Bowl In Arizona

Just four short years after hosting its first Super Bowl in 2011, University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona is about to host its second. Thousands of football fans from all over the country will convene in Glendale, on the west side of Phoenix, ready for tailgating and celebrating the two best teams in football …

Orlando’s Non-Publicized DUI Enforcement Unit

For those who don’t know, Orlando Police Department has a part-time DUI enforcement unit that patrols the streets every Thursday and Friday night in an effort to make the roadways safer. Their goal in 2012 was to arrest more drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and Captain Christopher Chaplin exceeded his goal by …

Mock Drivers Show Real Results for DUI Awareness

Several high schools in South Florida are effectively using “mock car crashes” every year to demonstrate the dangers of driving under the influence to students. Whether viewed as a DUI or DWI, kids who typically view life with a sense of youthful invincibility are being brought face to face with the death and destruction of …

How Familiar Are You With Levels of BAC?

Every one that drinks occasionally has had the experience of being drunker than they thought they were. Alcohol, even in small amounts, can impair your physical and mental abilities – including your motor skills, more than you may realize. A typical man of 170 pounds, ingesting one drink every twenty minutes will raise his blood …

DUI Attorney Fights for Fair Sentencing

Gulfport, Mississippi. After a pre-trial hearing with Circuit Judge Larry Bourgeois, DUI attorney Michael Crosby has stated that he will take the DUI death case to trial to secure a fair sentencing for his client. Crosby’s client has admitted to the drunk driving related death, and was even willing to enter into a guilty plea, …

After the Super Bowl, Don’t Touch Down in Jail for DUI

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, and it’s the clash of the Pats and Giants! The Super Bowl is a very popular event for friends and family to get together to enjoy the game. Even those that aren’t normally inclined to watch football games may opt to watch the Super Bowl,  if not for the game, …

Time to Have Fun, Wear Costumes and Party – but Don’t Drink and Drive!

Halloween is just around the corner and there is no shortage of fun to be had. Whether you plan to enjoy night life in Orlando, head to Winter Park for their annual Halloween festivities, lose yourself in corn mazes in the Longwood area or go for the ultimate fright at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, you …

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