Synthetic Drug Charges Dropped Against Seminole County Liquor Store Owner

Prosecutors have dropped the charges against a Casselberry liquor store that was raided for supposedly selling illegal synthetic drugs. After seizing hundreds of packets of what was thought to be synthetic marijuana back in January, only two tested positive for illegal substances.

Store owner Doug Markovitz was charged for selling synthetic marijuana, but after producing paperwork from the supplier saying the products were legitimate, prosecutors dropped the case.

“We had the feeling, you know, deep in our gut that it was going to get dropped because we were not doing anything illegal,” said Doug’s brother, Brad Markovitz, who also works at the store.

Since 2012, legislature has cracked down on illegal synthetic drugs by banning hundreds of different chemical combinations. Florida law has made it a third degree felony to manufacturing, sell or possess synthetic drugs which is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

After all the trouble the store has gone through, Brad Markovitz said he wants nothing to with those products again. Since the raid, the brothers have been trying to repair the stores damaged reputation.