Sex Sting Successful This Past Weekend in Osceola County

When the Osceola County Sheriff ran a sting operation, the sex sting proved to be successful. Several men were using a computer to solicit sex from a minor from various chat rooms and email. In printed conversations, the men admitted they knew the girl was underage and they knew it was wrong to solicit these girls for sex, but they did it anyway. When someone is using a computer to solicit sex from a minor it is against the law, then showing up at the girls home is another law broken, and those men who sent photos of themselves naked had additional charges. For these men contacting an Osceola County sex sting attorney for representation, it is still imperative that they receive fair treatment in the legal system because of construct of the judicial system.

Some of these men would travel hours and bring condoms, sex toys, flowers, and candy to the girls’ home. When confronted by authorities, the men gave excuses as to why they were there to see an underage girl and denied any wrongdoing. When the chats or email conversations were read to them and they were shown photos they sent of their naked bodies, the men realized they were caught red-handed. Some hung their heads in shame and tried to hide their faces; others blamed the girl and said the sting was entrapment.

Placed into the Osceola County Sheriff car, the men were taken to headquarters for further questioning. Some men would then ask for an Osceola County lawyer before talking further. The charges are very serious against the men and potentially life changing. Those men face legal penalties and will need an Osceola County lawyer with extensive defense experience. Attorneys such as the ones at The Umansky Law Firm represent those finding themselves involved in a sex sting or the possibility of entrapment and make sure they are provided fair treatment by the legal system. If you were caught in the recent sting or in one in a similar manner, contact an attorney today. We handle cases involving traveling to meet a minor, using a computer to solicit sex, and other sex sting related cases in Osceola county, Polk county, Orange county, Seminole county, and the rest of Florida.