Sex crime investigation leads to arrest of 16 in Orlando

Lewd conduct or any form of malicious intent toward another person is not tolerated in the state of Florida. Here in Central Florida, law enforcement officers often conduct investigations and entrapment operations to prevent sex crimes, such as rape, prostitution and possession of child pornography. Authorities also aim to protect children from sexual predators who are soliciting sex on the Internet.

In Orlando, Florida, police apprehended 16 people, including employees from Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World, for allegedly travelling to meet underage boys and girls to engage in sexual activity. Based on a report, the defendants allegedly used the Internet to lure the children. Some of the accused faced possession of child pornography charges while others were charged with wanting to have sex with underage children. Police officers said they will continue to conduct numerous investigations to protect children from sexual predators. Authorities are also targeting individuals who may be involved in the production or distribution of child pornography.

In this case, the defendants should know that they can be place on a list of sex offenders if convicted of the charges. Being listed as a sex offender severely damages a person’s reputation, which affects that person’s future, including employment opportunities. Conviction can also lead to serious repercussions, such as a prison sentence, fines and other penalties. Therefore, the defendants must establish a strong criminal defense because failure to do so can increase the chances of being convicted during a criminal trial.

Even if a person is charged with a sex crime, it is important to note that there is hope to successfully fight it in court and salvage one’s reputation. To effectively fight the charges, it is imperative for the accused to seek sound legal advice from an Orlando sex crimes defense lawyer.

Source: WKMG Local 6, “Disney World, Universal Orlando workers arrested in sex sting,” July 1, 2014