Police Use Florida DUI Charges To Cover Their Own Tracks

DUI charges do not always equal a drunk driving conviction and just because the police say you did something illegal, does not mean they are right.

One Florida woman found out first-hand just how important an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney can be when she was charged with drunk driving and resisting arrest. She had hit a curb, ended up with two flat tires and was in the middle of a call to her insurance company when a Coral Springs police officer started issuing commands. Give me your driver’s license. Get out of the car. The driver was taken to jail and charged with drunk driving.

The 59-year-old woman was forced to the ground during the arrest and complained of pain to an already bad shoulder. And the cops knew they were wrong. What they didn’t know was that their conversation, including the use of profanity in the stop and plans to falsify information on an internal investigations report to protect each other, was caught on tape by the woman’s auto insurer.

There are many reasons to seek the assistance of an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney any time you face criminal charges. One very important reason is that just because the police say you did something illegal, doesn’t mean you did. The state attorney dropped the DUI and resisting arrest charges against the Coral Springs woman after the audio recording surfaced; the two officers involved are under investigation.

If you’re facing Orlando drunk driving charges, an experienced DUI defense lawyer will consider many DUI defense strategies including whether you were falsely accused, as well as:

  • Did the police have a legal right to pull you over?
  • If you were arrested, were your read your Miranda rights?
  • Was a field sobriety test improperly administered or do you have a medical condition that might result in a false positive for impaired driving?
  • Does the arresting officer have a pattern of making false accusations of drunk driving?

Remember, you do have rights. A Florida police report doesn’t always contain the truth. And a criminal charge for driving under the influence doesn’t automatically mean a conviction.

Source: Local10.com, “Woman’s DUI charges dropped; Officers investigated,” Roger Lohse, March 29, 2012