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Learning that your case is going to trial can seem like a blessing and a curse. You have confidence that your defense lawyer has what it takes to adequately defend against the presented charges, but being in the courtroom setting can be an entirely new experience for you.

Even if you have previously been involved in a situation that required you to appear in court, just because you’ve done it before doesn’t mean that you are necessarily comfortable. At The Umansky Law Firm, we want all of our clients to be prepared for their day in court and help make sure of that through the utilization of our on-site courtroom.

We understand that many individuals have feelings of angst whenever the idea of speaking, much less appearing, in court arises. We are also aware that with proper preparation, we can significantly improve your performance in court.  You only get limited chances to present your case in the court of law. Allow us to help get you ready for the courtroom environment and make you aware of appropriate conduct at our courtroom inside of our Orlando law office.

Advantages of an On-Site Courtroom

Appearing in court requires a certain decorum, and we are here to help you get prepared for it. Not only can you, the defendant, benefit from our mock courtroom experience, but we can also prepare any witnesses in the case to take the stand and testify. Some of the most notable advantages to having a pre-trial courtroom experience are:

  • Getting a general feel of how the court process goes
  • Practicing how to respond to particular inquiries
  • Ridding the feeling of anxiety
  • Becoming more comfortable speaking in court
  • Learning how the jury may react to certain things

After going through the motions in our mock courtroom, we can ensure that you’ll be more prepared for your day in court than when you first step foot in our office.

Preparing You Every Step of the Way in Our Courtroom!

“The action or process of making something ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion, test, or duty”

Preparation. It is what we do. We begin preparing our cases during our initial consultation and continue throughout the pre-file investigation of charges through trial and beyond. Preparation is often the key factor in the outcome of your case. Our lawyers understand the importance of preparation, whether that preparation consists of researching case law, investigating witnesses or preparing clients to testify at hearings.

When designing our office, we built a mock courtroom so that every client who is faced with the daunting prospect of testifying in court will have the opportunity to practice testifying in a realistic setting. We use our courtroom to prepare you and/or your witnesses, to allow you to minimize your natural nervousness. We go over direct examination with you, as well as preparing you for cross-examination to get you ready to testify at trial or hearing. In our experience, this preparation is invaluable in improving your credibility with a judge or jury.

Let Us Prepare You For Your Day in Court!

Regardless of if you are involved in a criminal, personal injury, or DUI case, we can utilize our mock courtroom to get you ready for the real thing. Contact us for a free case evaluation and start working with your attorney today.

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