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How to Prepare for an Appearance Before Professional Boards Under the Florida DBPRHave you been notified that you have to appear before a professional or administrative Board under the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR)? Licensed professionals and potential licensees may be required to attend a Board hearing for various reasons in Florida, including disciplinary hearings, an appeal of a Board ruling, an application for initial licensure, and more. If you’re feeling anxious about this appearance, then you can turn to the experienced professional license defense attorneys with The Umansky Law Firm to represent your best interests at these hearings.

At The Umansky Law Firm, we understand the time you’ve committed to your career. We dedicate our decades of experience to work helping professionals, including real estate agents, nurses, construction contractors, and more, take proactive steps to protect their professions.

No matter how straightforward or complex your professional Board hearing may be, it’s essential to prepare and consult with a knowledgeable attorney in advance. Consider these helpful tips below as you prepare for your appearance in front of a professional Board in Florida.

5 Ways to Prepare for a Professional Regulation Hearing in Florida

The professional Board you’ll appear before depends on your profession. For example, the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) regulates real estate agents and brokers, while the Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB) licenses those in the construction industry.

No matter which professional Board you appear before, those Board members have the power to limit or restrict your ability to earn a livelihood in your chosen profession. Making a good impression and handling this situation with care is of the utmost importance.

Below are five ways to prepare for your Board administrative hearing appearance:

1.   Understand the Reason for Your Appearance

Whether it’s an informal hearing after a complaint or an appeal of the denial of licensure, be sure you understand the reason for appearing before the professional Board. Outline the topics that will be discussed so you can address each issue effectively. Professional Board members are also industry professionals, just like yourself, and do not want to hear an attorney go on about complex legal concepts.

By organizing an outline of the matters to be reviewed, you’ll be able to limit the scope of your preparation to the decisive junctions ahead. Whenever you can simplify the Board’s procedure by providing straightforward and concise answers, you improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

2.   Become Familiar with Board Procedures

Acquaint yourself with the processes of the professional Board before which you’ll be appearing. You can achieve this by attending a hearing with the same Board that is scheduled before yours. Regulatory and professional hearings are accessible to the public, and you can find the planned agenda months in advance on the DBPR website.

By studying the Board at a hearing before your own, you can better understand the timing, style, and practices. That will help you better prepare and abide by the same manner at your hearing.

3.   Have Prepared Answers Ready

Be ready to present direct answers to questions that the Board may ask. You’ll want to come prepared with readily available information, including specific dates, events, and any documented proof that’s available. If you’ve taken steps to address any alleged shortcomings, you want to have explanations prepared that specify those actions along with the reasons behind them.

You cannot prepare too much for an appearance before an administrative Board in Florida. Having answers prepared after familiarizing yourself with the Board will undoubtedly be an advantage.

4.   Dress in Professional Attire

Keep in mind that professionals serving on the Board at this hearing are sacrificing time from their daily responsibilities to support the state in safeguarding the general public. The Board members justly take their responsibilities seriously, and it will be to your benefit to demonstrate that you appreciate their time.

In addition to preparing ahead of your hearing, dressing in professional attire demonstrates that you’re taking the appearance seriously and you understand the gravity of the matter at hand.

5.   Manage Your Emotions

Finally, you mustn’t lose control of your emotions during an administrative hearing before a Florida professional Board. If you’re asked invasive questions that you’re uncomfortable answering, you must stay calm and deliver the responses which you’ve prepared. If you disagree with any statement, do not raise your voice and be polite in your response.

It’s important to note that your professional future is in the hands of the Board. You must prove to them that you always behave as a professional, whether dealing with other professionals or the public. Should the ruling not go in your favor, you may eventually appeal the decision and appear before the same Board later on. If you lose control of your emotions during the first hearing, they will surely remember.

Consult with an Orlando Attorney When Appearing Before a Professional Board

If you must appear before a professional Board in Florida, follow the tips above so you’re prepared and can demonstrate to the Board that you are fully invested in your professional career and the process to protect it. That will enable you to differentiate yourself from others showing up at administrative Board hearings as a reliable professional.

Most importantly, as soon as you’re aware of an upcoming professional Board hearing related to the Florida DBPR, schedule a free consultation to speak with an experienced administrative lawyer with The Umansky Law Firm. Our license defense experience includes real estate, construction, and countless other professions. Our attorneys are second to none when it comes to defending you in administrative action. Call or complete our contact form for a free consultation today.

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    Appearing Before Professional Boards in Orlando