Orlando Police Department Updates Vehicles in the Fight Against DUIs

The Orlando Police Department (OPD) has released a statement on the effectiveness of the DUI Enforcement Team. In 2011, under the oversight of the team, law enforcement personnel made close to 4,500 traffic stops at checkpoints and through patrols. In addition, police affected almost 300 arrests in Orlando.

In light of this, the OPD has decided to give the team 10 additional vehicles with the latest equipment to aid them in their enforcement of traffic violations and in the apprehension of DUI offenders. The patrol cars have been updated with speed-tracking devices and video cameras in both the front and back seats. The recordings from the cameras can be submitted as evidence in court during the prosecution of DUI cases.

The newest technology will enable law enforcement personnel to more easily capture those who run red lights or stop signs or break other traffic laws. In addition, police officers will increase their effectiveness in neighborhood safety as they watch for impaired drivers in the community.

The OPD chief expressed his enthusiasm for the new vehicles, citing the statistic that DUIs daily claim the lives of 28 people across the nation. He added that the additional cars and equipment did not cost the citizens of Orlando anything. A $100,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation paid for the updated vehicles. Out-of-date vehicles were removed from the roads because of the mileage and age of the patrol cars.

A spokeswoman for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was encouraged by the task force and the new equipment. She expressed her gratitude that OPD was making the fight against DUI offenders a priority, which will result in fewer lives lost.

Another member of MADD carried a huge image of the child she lost to an impaired driver in 2009. She does not want anyone else to suffer like she has and believes that the updated vehicles will help stop drunk drivers.