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So you got your charge dropped and perhaps even expunged or sealed, yet your case still shows up on background checks. Now you are having a difficult time getting a job, or your current employer wants you to provide proof you were not convicted. This can be extremely inconveniencing, especially if you depend on the funds from your job to afford recurring bills. The truth is, situations like this occur often and while it may seem like something that can permanently interfere with you securing or maintaining employment, there is a simple remedy that The Umansky Law Firm provides.

Our Orlando criminal defense lawyers can write an opinion letter showing that the State of Florida dropped, dismissed or filed a Notice of No information or Nolle Prosequi of your charges. You can then provide this letter to your current or potential employer as proof that you were not convicted of the charge which can serve as backup evidence that you were never convicted.

When Opinion Letters for Employers Apply

Numerous occasions may require you to get an opinion letter from your attorney. In some cases, you may have pled no contest, received a withhold of adjudication and sealed your records, yet you are still having a hard time getting stable and quality employment. In these cases, we can write an opinion letter stating that you were not convicted or adjudicated guilty. What is the benefit to you?

  1. You have an opinion letter from a lawyer (criminal lawyer) who can explain to your employer or potential employer what happened in your case.
  2. You can save this letter, make copies and submit to any employer who may see your records when they conduct a background check
  3. You can feel comfortable knowing that you have a legal opinion regarding your situation.
  4. Your employer can call and verify with us that your charges have been dropped, sealed, expunged or dismissed.

With these undeniable advantages of having an opinion letter from a criminal defense attorney, one would imagine that everyone utilizes this resource. However, that is not always the case. Whether it be due to a lack of knowledge or not fully understanding how the process works, many people allow dropped or dismissed charges to remain on their record without seeking a resolution.

Why You Need an Opinion Letter After a Dropped Charge

People often question why a charge they were not convicted of is still showing up on background checks. The thing many people fail to realize, however, is that once the arrest is made, the arrest will show up on your background check. This remains true even if the case is ultimately dismissed, dropped, No Info’d, or Nolle Prossed.

One of the few ways remove an arrest from your record would be to have your record sealed or expunged, but people who have gone through such processes still find arrests in their background checks. Prevent this by being proactive and seeking help from a knowledgeable attorney who can provide you with an opinion letter.

Failing to get an opinion letter and allowing a crime to stay on your record that you were not convicted of can have dire consequences. If you are ever to have a background check ran on you for a potential employment opportunity, to get an approval for a rental or any other instance, your arrest will appear and likely lead to you getting denied.

Get Help from an Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ensure that a minor run-in with the law doesn’t haunt you long after the initial arrest. Seek the services of an Orlando criminal defense lawyer at The Umansky Law Firm. Our team has over 100 years of criminal defense experience and has helped many people just like you. Feel free to bring your legal issue to us, regardless of who served as your legal counsel at the time of your arrest.

Contact us today at 407-228-3838 for a free case evaluation. We can provide you with the documentation needed to allow you to get back to life as usual.

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    Opinion Letter for Potential Employers