None Injured after Seminole County School Bus Crash

Though we’ve heard many of these stories having tragic outcomes, fortunately no one was injured when a school bus driver with six special-needs children on board rammed into a power pole after the driver ran a red light in Seminole County. The accident caused power outages in the neighborhood and stalled traffic on the road.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the bus driver drove through the light with children on board and crashed into a minivan just leaving the same school before classes started for the day. The bus crashed into the van and landed on the shoulder of the road where it proceeded to continue moving into a concrete wall and eventually a power pole. The van was attempting to turn when the bus hit the vehicle.

The children were safe even after the traumatic series of events, and were then removed from the bus without further incident. Although the power lines fell nearby, they did not hit the bus. The bus driver was cited for running the red light, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

The accident cut off electrical power to the school and to two subdivisions in the area. The incident also left a wake of debris strewn in the intersection. Officials closed the road temporarily to allow for repairs and a restoration of power.

The bus driver had received another traffic ticket earlier in 2012 for speeding through a red light at the same location. That infraction also caused an accident after he did not yield the right of way. He rammed into a van, which contained young children, as he was driving another bus that again held six students. No one was injured in that incident either.