Mock Drivers Show Real Results for DUI Awareness

Several high schools in South Florida are effectively using “mock car crashes” every year to demonstrate the dangers of driving under the influence to students. Whether viewed as a DUI or DWI, kids who typically view life with a sense of youthful invincibility are being brought face to face with the death and destruction of driving while impaired.  These demonstrations tend to happen frequently during prom week, when students tend to drink and drive more.

The mock crashes show explicitly what happens in a DUI accident, from when the car actually crashes, the police coming on the scene using the jaws of life, extracting the body, and then taking it away in a hearse or the sheriff’s helicopter. Their goal is to make it as dramatic and lifelike as possible.

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The mock driver is then given a mock BAC and put in the police car being arrested as DUI. The students are shocked at this point, and an impression is made that should stick with them for a lifetime, but typically only does for a week or two. Experts believe that it does have an impact, though.

What they don’t show is the driver who was “arrested “and what happens afterwards, considering he/she wasn’t killed or paralyzed. In real life, they would come home after being apprehended, explain what happened to their parents and then call a DUI lawyer.

DUI accidents are not taken lightly in Florida, especially when people are injured or killed because of an intoxicated driver. An Orlando DUI attorney will be a choice for getting through with this charge. The attorney is familiar with DUI law, and the driver needs the expertise of an DUI lawyer in Orlando to understand the charge. There are potential penalties, such as fines to be paid, community service and suspension of the driver’s license for up to one year, and it is extremely helpful to have an attorney walk with you through the system.