METHAMPHETAMINE BUST: Six Arrested in Polk County

Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, just revealed that a two-month long drug investigation has resulted in the arrest of six individuals for trafficking large quantities of methamphetamine.

Polk County law enforcement officers recovered more than 6 pounds of meth, five guns, and several thousand dollars.

Of the six arrested, one was here illegally. Ignacia Munoz-Delgado had been deported to Mexico in 2010 after being convicted of cocaine trafficking.

“He served a short sentence and was deported… Guess what? He came back again. Now he’s dealing in methamphetamine. Lots of it,” said Sheriff Grady Judd when asked about Mr. Munoz-Delgado.

There is more information that will be made public during Sheriff Judd’s news conference Thursday at 10AM. CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT LIVE.