MBI Conducting Sting Operations on Orlando Massage Parlors

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI) conducted sting operations in several Orlando Massage Parlors this past week. MBI agents would conduct their investigation by entering massage parlors and arresting massage therapists for prostitution, among other sex crimes. The agents would frequent Asian Massage Parlors and seek massage therapy, but according to police affidavits, the therapists would engage in verbal conduct soliciting money for sex acts. Asian Massage Parlors, or AMPs according to law enforcement, have a long history of operating in Seminole and Orange county. AMPs are reputed in many cases to be places where prostitution occurs. Asian Massage Parlors may be found on directories where individuals review the massage they received, and in many cases, those reviews appear to involve illegal behavior. Law enforcement has been diligently trying to reduce the amount of illegal behavior allegedly occurring at these places. Aside from prostitution, the police are concerned whether there is underage sex trafficking going on in some of these massage establishments.

Some of the women arrested are Chinese and face immigration consequences such as deportation back to China if they are convicted for prostitution or massage without a license. Entrapment is a defense often raised by women charged with these crimes and criminal lawyers who are experienced in these matters will review the evidence to determine if law enforcement overstepped their bounds or otherwise induced these women to commit an illegal act they otherwise would not have committed. If you have been arrested for prostitution or massage without a license in an Orlando Massage Parlor, make sure you consult with a criminal attorney who has experience with this type of cases and is willing to file entrapment motions if they are relevant to the police conduct in your case. As a Top Rated Criminal Lawyer, according to Orlando Home and Leisure Magazine, we pride ourselves on our ability to give our clients a second chance.  With over 100 years of experience collectively between our attorneys, you’ll be in great hands.  Contact The Umansky Law Firm to learn more.