Lawyer With Traffic Tickets Gets a Warning From a Judge

Lawyers who get traffic tickets for speeding are not immune from Traffic violation law. A seminole county judge dressed down a DeLand lawyer who had multiple speeding tickets. According to the Orlando Sentinel, a lawyer from Deland who had multiple tickets was in front of Judge Jeri Collins who warned the lawyer that he “was a loaded gun on the road”.  Speeding kills and judges are treating these civil cases almost as serious as criminal traffic violations.

Sometimes a lawyer works so often with clients on civil law that they forget to take care of their own problems in civil courts.  In the case with this lawyer, he was by no means above the law.  The proper steps are still necessary for getting the tickets off of his record and his license back on track.

Traffic tickets and especially Speeding tickets can result in the suspension of your drivers license if points add up or if the Judge feels like taking your license based on the amount of speed or if a serious accident occurred. If you are caught with a speeding ticket in orange or Seminole county, contact the speeding ticket lawyers at the Umansky Law Firm to know your rights and to determine if you need a lawyer to fight your case.