Kids Behind Bars?

Kids are causing trouble today just like they always have, but nowadays our children can find themselves being in arrested, in a precarious situation. What do you do when you receive a phone call from your child’s school telling you that they have been taken to the police station? Perhaps you may want to contact an attorney. Kids as young as nine or ten years old could be arrested. Children being charged under the same law as an adult can be frightening. Kids being accused of small offenses such as shoving, or even larger infractions of violence, are entitled to have their Miranda Rights read to them at time of arrest.

If a child is convicted of a crime, they are often sentenced to visit a juvenile assessment center to evaluate the child’s problem and come up with a solution to help him or her. Some convictions that are common among juveniles include petty theft, mischief, and bullying. Bullying has recently become against the law in many states. This Bullying epidemic is getting worse every day, and your child may end up being a victim. A Florida juvenile lawyer is a good option, and The Umansky Law Firm can offer guidance and support.

Children often times find themselves in trouble. The Umansky Law Firm is available for a consultation pertaining to this kind of matter. Finding an attorney for your kid can be overwhelming at times but it is a necessary event. You know that your own child would never do anything to get themselves into a serious problem or dilemma; however, you are not aware of what his peers may be doing. When your child is friends with, or even associates with, other kids who are “trouble makers” they can find themselves in big trouble. When your child’s friend is charged with a crime while your child is present, your son or daughter can be charged on the same charges, regardless of what your child actually did. The term guilty by association stand true even for children.

As a concerned parent, what can you do? Where do you go next? Have you considered hiring a juvenile lawyer? Wanting to help your child is an instant reaction. Hiring an Orlando juvenile attorney is a wise decision and The Umansky Law Firm is here to help in these kinds of cases. The Umansky Law Firm has many years of experience in the Criminal Justice System. Our professional staff and attorneys can guide you through the criminal court system, and can assist you with all of the uncomfortable court procedures from start to finish. The Umansky Law Firm is dedicated to their clients in Orange county, Seminole county, Osceola county and the rest of central Florida. The experienced lawyer at the firm will provide astonishing support to you and your family during this time of need. Call us today at (407)228-3838.