Judge faces criminal allegation of drunk driving

For an ordinary citizen, facing criminal charges is enough of a daunting task. Allegations alone can cause damage to a person’s reputation. So when a resident, who holds a particular position or is highly-respected in the community, is faced with criminal charges, the stakes are a lot higher. A Florida judge has found herself on the other side of the bench after being charged with driving under the influence.

The Broward County judge was arrested after her sports utility vehicle hit a parked vehicle in the county courthouse’s parking lot. The judge was not injured in the accident. According to the report, the judge reportedly took a sleep-inducing drug the night before the incident. The drug was dispensed with a prescription.

Previously, the 56-year-old judge was involved in an accident on Interstate 595. She reported that a truck attempted to run her vehicle off the interstate and that she was able to record the accident on her cell phone. In the video, the judge’s SUV was shown veering across the yellow road lines and eventually striking a concrete barrier. The judge was appointed by the Florida Governor in 2012. She worked as a federal prosecutor before the appointment. The judge is also running for re-election. The incident came on the heels of another Broward County judge’s arrest for a similar charge.

A criminal charge can negatively affect the otherwise normal life of a Florida resident. In an instant, a person’s current employment and other positions can be jeopardized. However, it is the damage to a suspect’s reputation that can be the most painful. Relationships with family members, relatives and peers can also be strained. To help with the situation, a suspect is encouraged to seek the support of an experienced attorney. A qualified attorney can develop an aggressive and thorough defense that can help obtain the best possible outcome.

Source: Local 10, “Broward County Judge Lynn Rosenthal arrested on DUI Charge,” Peter Burke, May 27, 2014