How to Ruin Christmas with Yuletide Cheer

Suzy wants a pair of skates, Billy wants a sled…no one wants a DUI, an attorney or a criminal record for Christmas. A chunk of coal in your stocking is nothing compared to being arrested for drunk driving and the fines, court appointments and loss of driver’s license that comes along with it. Santa may know who has been naughty and nice, but Orlando police have their eyes open for bad boys and girls who drive their own sleighs home after enjoying too much spiked eggnog.

National statistics put deaths caused by drunk drivers at around 16,000 per year and with the increase in the number of festivities and the general desire to drink more around the holidays, a majority of those deaths happening around this time. Heightened efforts therefore go into patrolling for drunk-driving during this season. Keep this in mind as you head out to celebrations and parties in Orlando, Winterpark, Windermere and Longwood.

About two-thirds of those convicted of drunk-driving each year are first time offenders. Learning their lesson the hard way, they are thrown into a legal arena they are ill-equipped to handle. Then, instead of it being the happiest time of the year, they live under the shadow of a dark cloud, uncertain of what happens next.

So as you look forward to the holidays ahead, make choices that will keep your days merry and bright. If you plan to go out drinking, plan ahead also for a safe ride home. Make this year a season you look back upon with fond memories of good times with friends and family. Don’t look back on it as the year you were part of the DUI statistics. And if, despite all the warnings, you or a loved one gets arrested for drunk-driving, don’t go it alone. Orlando criminal defense attorneys experienced in litigating DUI charges are available to assist you through the stressful legal process. If you have questions related to a recent DUI in Orlando, feel free to give us a call at 407-228-3970 to discuss your concerns or questions, or contact a criminal attorney on our website by filling out our contact form.